Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hen Output

The hens have been doing a fantastic job of laying eggs lately. They have been laying between 8 to 11 daily!! That's a lot of eggs, even for this family of 7! I have been giving away eggs by the dozen to family and friends because we just don't eat that many eggs, and certainly not on a daily basis. I'd like to sell some, but have yet to take that step to advertise. In the meantime, I don't mind sharing the bounty.

Eggs will be on the menu for breakfast tomorrow. I still have to eat soft foods while my mouth heals from a pulled tooth, and eggs will be perfect! Happy Weekend!


Karen Mayes said...

Which reminds me... I have to buy eggs. Oh I will do that after my family moves into a house with 2 acres next weekend :-) No raising farm animals allowed though... just gardening, which I don't mind... I am REALLY looking forward to it!

May your mouth feels a lot better today.

Ron said...

Ours finally gave us a couple of eggs yesterday. I hope they get busy soon... Mel actually bought a dozen the other day since she had to make something.


Bluemeya said...

oh. i'm still waiting for my eggs! :)
should we plan a trip for me to come down for the day and hang out! Girls time! lets coordinate it soon. I hear another storm is coming our way....
miss you and the family!

jenny said...

Karen-- Yay for more room to garden!! Not even chickens?? Even with 2 acres? Too bad.. Had I known how easy caring for chickens are, I would have gotten them back when we lived at the old house with 1 acre! I'm glad I have them now! :o)

My mouth is feeling much better, thank you! :o)

Ron-- We get the store-bought ones every now and then through the WIC program, and I save those for baking with, because I got sick eating them as scrambled eggs one day. My body is officially loyal to my own chicken eggs! :o) Hope your hens start laying lots more for you soon!

Bluemeya-- yes, we are long overdue for a visit!! :o) Might be best to wait until Spring, with no worries for snowy weather by then. With your hill and our mountain roads, we can get snowbound pretty easy! You'll get your eggs someday! :o) xoxoxo