Sunday, January 23, 2011

Birthday Girls

2011 is the year of odd-numbered ages for our kids. Through no planning, all the children were born on even-numbered years. This month, Sylvia turned 5, and Gretchen, 7. I like to make the day special for each birthday by asking them to plan the menu and pick what kind of cake they want.

Sylvia requested cherry cake with chocolate frosting, so I made a yellow cake and folded chopped cherries into the batter before baking and between layers I put in cherry jam, then topped it with homemade chocolate glaze poured over the top. It was rich and yummy.

Gretchen wanted strawberry cake and strawberry frosting and I confess, I bought the cake mix and frosting at the store for this one. She was with me on our 'mama/one kid' day out and we went through the baking aisle and she spotted the cakes and frosting section. So I let her pick out what she wanted. It was good cake, but man, that frosting was sweet-- it made my teeth hurt!
On Saturday, my Aunt and Uncle stopped by to give the girls birthday gifts, so I made yet another cake-- this time carrot cake with raisins added, yum! Next Saturday, Andrew's folks are coming over for birthday gifts, so I'll make another cake-- not sure what yet. Four cakes in a month, that's some kind of record for me!
Happy Birthday girlies-- We love you both so very, very much!
Mama and Daddy


Cheyenne said...

Oh man, all those cakes sound so yummy. And I'm sure the one you have to make yet will be just as yummy. I love cake and can't eat too much of it due to the calories.
My birthday cake was always cherry nut with cherry icing, homemade of course.
The girls look so cute with their very own cakes.

jenny said...

Cheyenne-- Mmmm, that cherry nut cake with cherry icing sounds good! I love cherries! I think Sylvia inherited my love of cherries. I found a recipe for the most amazing-looking cherry pound cake.. I'll have to try that soon! Haven't decided on what the fourth cake will be... I'm kinda leaning to applesauce cake, goodness knows I got lots of applesauce downstairs! :o)

Sugar said...

I think I want some cake! :)

jenny said...

Sugar-- You're welcome to come over for some! :o)