Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Snow Day!

We had a great day on Tuesday-- we woke up to snow! I like it when it snows during the night and seeing the excitement on the kids faces when they look out the window in the morning. Of course we were going to go out to play in the snow-- who could resist that?! Lucky for us, Andrew was off that day, so he got to play with us, too!

The snow started out light and fluffy, definitely not snowman snow, but it warmed up a little and the snow got wetter, and through sheer determination, Evelyn built herself a snowman. She got Gretchen and Sylvia to help roll the head and torso snowballs, but they lost interest shortly after. Daddy came out to help stack the snowballs. She was so proud! Temps got into the high 40s today, and Mr. Snowman felt apart, but at least we got a picture of him!

This is the kind of behavior I like to see-- hugging and smiling! :o)

Our house is on a slant so we have a great sledding hill on the driveway. If you can manuver the turns really well, it's possible to go from the pole barn all the way down to the end, stopping just before hitting the main road. The girls haven't really figured out how to steer the sleds, so most of the time they end up going into the trees that line the driveway, but Andrew and I joined in the sledding fun and they rode with us all the way to the bottom! Fun fun!

You can bet that Peter was ready for bed at the end of the day!

Sylvia and I going for the gold!

Andrew taking a turn.
Even Maisie the dog was having a blast. She really likes to chase us down the hills, and I got frustrated with her more than once when she would grab my coat sleeve and tug, screwing up my steering and crashing in the snow.

I have to admit, though, it was great to see her running and having fun in the snow! That dog has some speed! Good times!


Ron said...

That looks like a blast! Abby sure would like some snow. Me... well... I guess 4" would be ok if it melts in a day or two. :)


Cheyenne said...

Great pics and loved the story that goes with them. Nothing like a day in the snow to make kids sleepy earlier than usual. Fresh air is the best for kids.

Karen Mayes said...

Great pixes...

Teeeeeena said...

Wheee! I hope the snow stay there when we come up during our spring break!!!! But likely the snow be all gone by then?


Anonymous said...

awww the dog was trying to save you :)

jenny said...

Ron--I'll take this little bit of snow compared to last winter's snow where it piled up to over 3 feet! Most of it is melted by now, except for the driveway.

Cheyenne--I love when we can all be outdoors for the day! It's gone cold again, and what's left of the snow turned to ice-- brr!

Karen-- Thanks! :o) But I used Andrew's camera, still avoiding mine! LOL

Teena-- It's been known to snow in March, so maybe there'll be some when you come up.. but then again, you have no 4x4 so better not wish for it! :o)

Anonymous-- That's one way to look at it! :o)