Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Getting into the Spirit!

I started out writing a very different post because I was feeling really weirded out lately, but I don't want to make you guys all depressed so I won't be posting it. On the brighter side of things, I am feeling much better, I have a spring in my step again and I am so excited for Halloween, which is just around the corner!

The girls have finally decided on what they want to be for Halloween, so I am busy trying to gather materials to make their costumes. Oldest is going to be a vampire; Middle is intent on being SuperGirl, and that's a fairly easy costume to put together, so I am not complaining; Youngest will be a witch. Baby will be the french painter, and if the outfit is too big for him, then I'll whip up an easy mummy costume.

Hubby is going back and forth, unable to decide what he wants to be. First it was cyclops with a horn, then it's Uncle Fester, then it's two horns and an eye in the back of his head... he's worse than the kids!! :o)

I have an outfit that I can't wait to wear! I picked it up at a yard sale a couple years ago, and I'm so excited about it! We're going to my closest friends' house for Halloween and she is going to LAUGH when she sees it! (Can't wait to get your reaction, girl!)

Things are getting festive around here. The decorations went up last night and I picked up a few make-up things along with black nail polish and all the girls wanted their nails done. Then Hubby came home and he wanted his nails done in black, too, so I painted his. This morning, Oldest asked me in a quiet voice, "Why does Daddy have his nails painted, too?" hahaha!

I gotta go, gotta get those costumes made! Here's a pic I took of Charlie the cat:

Happy Halloween!!


Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Jenny - Don't forget this is YOUR blog and if you want to write out some FUNK, we'll be right here for you! :)

BUT, I'm glad you say you're feeling better, Halloween has that effect! :)

Karen Mayes said...

Sounds like you are already in the spirit ;o)


Carol said...

I agree with Gringa-n-Mexico. Sometimes sharing how your feeling when your in a funk can help...we're your friends and that means you can post whatever the hell you like and we'll still be here :-)

Glad your feeling better though...and I'm loving the Charlie and the Pumpkin (Hey, that would make a great title for a book!!)

C x