Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Let's Hear It For The Boy

Sorry for the disappearance.. Baby has really been keeping us hopping! Of the 4 kids, he has the most curiosity and is more determined to get into things that he is not supposed to get into!

On Saturday, the Husband had to take my Mom to the halfway point so my Uncle could take her back to their place, then he went to work afterwards, which meant I was home with the kids, alone, from 9 in the morning until their bedtime at 9 at night. I was B.U.S.H.E.D! At one point, I think I cried in frustration, which prompted Oldest to include me in her dinner-time blessings and she asked God to help me feel better. Yeah, it was that tough!

If I forget to lash the cabinet doors, Baby opens and climbs in or pulls out all my pots and pans. Not so bad this cabinet, but the other one, he has broken my vintage melamine bowl (karma- I broke my mom's when I was little), pulled out the very sharp and very dangerous mandolin slicer and used it as a banging toy (ack!) and pulls out all the mixing bowls and piles them high in wobbly towers.

He broke a vintage christmas glass I had, and being deaf, I didn't hear the tinkling of broken glass, so I didn't know until I saw him with a bloody cut on his nose and leg. When I investigated, I found the broken glass.

He has discovered the cat's litter box and I have found him no less than 5 times with his hands in the litter so that we now keep the door to the room, where the litter box is, shut. Poor cat gets locked in there, too, but he has his food in there also, so not so bad for the cat really.

We have started to bungee cord the chairs to the table because he has learned to climb the chair, then climb the table where he proceeds to table dance, grab stuff and toss it off and just grins from ear to ear!

I had a moment where I didn't see him and the girls found him behind the couch with a fistful of markers, coloring the floor, the couch cushions, his mouth and hands.

He has gotten into the puzzle cabinet and there are at least 6 puzzles now mixed together and in the other half of the cabinet is where I keep my balls of fabric strips that I've sewn together and, like a cat, has rolled them all around the room, unraveling them as they roll.

**Deep breath**

**Let it out slowly**

I don't know if it's because he is a boy or if this is just his nature, but at this rate, all the doors to all the rooms will be kept shut, the cabinet doors will be glued, and the shelves and tabletops cleared! I cannot steal away time to myself because he gets into things and he is so quick about it, too! I used to be able to lure him into the living room then dash down the hall and he would take a few minutes to catch up to me, but now? I tried that today, and when I turned around, I nearly fell over him, he was right there behind me!

When the Husband leaves for work, he always tells me to, "Call me if you need me." And my response is now: "Where's the phone?!" I'm only half joking. I look forward to Baby's afternoon nap time, that's when I can relax a little and not worry about where he is or what he might be getting into. At least he hasn't figured out how to climb out of the crib...yet.


raychelle said...

aww, my nephew can be the same way :) i'm just thankful that when i babysit i only have one to watch/chase over. now that my sister just gave birth to another boy last friday.... *panic mode* well, not for another 6 months... i think! :) it seems to be a boy thing!

Christina said...

I have two of my 5 girls exactlly the same, my now 9 year (who is now melow) and my 2 year old. Everything is G proofed. Bookshelves are all srewed into beams in the walls(also due to our earthquake location) she now puts herself into timeout when she does something wrong. At least I have he trained that way!

Christina said...

Fogot to mention I will let you know in two years when the twins are 2 as to what they are up too!!

DJ Kirkby said...

Oh dear. I can't imagine how hard it must be looking after a ehctic toddler and everything else without the help of being able to hear! I think I'd have to tie him to me!

Carol said...

I am tired just reading about that!! Sounds like he's a real handful!!

I think it's a boy thing and, from what friends tell me, he'll grow out of it!! In the meantime, deep breaths and make sure you do something to pamper yourself at the end of a long day! (Long hot bath, glass of wine...make sure you do something!!)

C x

Karen Mayes said...

*laughing* I think it's great that your son is gifted with a love for life, for discovering AND utilizing things, etc.


barefoot gardener said...

oh, THANK YOU! I always feel a little....inferior...when I read about how loving and patient you are with your kids. I am just not that mom. It makes me feel a little better that you can hit the end of your rope, too...

jenny said...

Raychelle-- Congrats to your sister's new babe!! :o) When my mom was here, the husband and I managed to slip away for a couple of hours, but only while the baby napped. I wouldn't have left my poor mom at the mercy of monster boy and his 3 sisters! LOL! It will be nice when mom retires and moves in with us and I'll have an extra pair of eyes watching over him! :o)

Christina-- Oldest (7 now) was a climber and I thought that was bad, but nothing like Baby here. I have some people telling me it will only get worse, and others saying he'll mellow out. I prefer to listen to the positive ones! :o) You have twins?? I'll count my blessings I only have ONE baby monster to chase around. Bless your heart! :o)

Dj-- Usually the girls are great helpers with the baby. Usually. Then they all go outside to escape and I'm trapped in the house with him! LOL! I make him sound terrible, it's not that bad! Just when I have to go at it all day without any help, it wears me down. Hmm, tying him to me sounds like a good idea! LOL :o)

jenny said...

Carol-- Oh yes, that is EXACTLY what I did last night. I took myself a nice hot bath, read a magazine and had some chocolate. It was nice. It's been a while since I soaked like that. I feel refreshed and renewed. Bring it on baby monster! LOL!

Karen--that's one way of looking at it! LOL! Oop! He has the toilet plunger in his hand-- gotta go! :o)

jenny said...

**Baby had the toilet plunger AND the toilet scrubber in his hands! ugh! He is now safely caged in his crib, and settled down for a 3 hour nap!**

Barefoot-- Oh no, not at all! I can be quite ogre-like with my kids. Just ask them! You only see what I put in here, not the crazy, oily-haired, no bath in 3 days, wearing the same stained shirt 2 days in a row, crazy mama! LOL!

Seriously, I feel like I make my kids sound horrible. I need to go lash myself 20 times for pennance now. They're good kids, I feel truly lucky sometimes at how they have turned out and amazed that despite what I do, they are such great kids. We have our bad days, usually when I goof and give them too much sugar, or I have no plans for the day and let them run amuck, then we all pay the price for bad behavior, myself included.

I am not perfect, never claimed to be, never will be. I love my kids the best I know how, and hope my kids love me, too.

Teeeeeena said...

LOL! My boy did the same thing, climb on chairs onto the table and dump everything thats on the table to the floor. He had fun flinging them off and then stand up and to see how far it is to the bottom and jiggle away!

I always hold my breath and walk toward him so I dont scare him and he fall down the wrong way. That's too scary for me.

For some reasons, this memory is stuck upon me, you climbing way high in the pantry room in our basement in Illinois and scattered the cans to the floor and you got hurt. Dad left the stains on the floor to remind us not to do it again and said it was blood. You and I were afraid to climb it up again. Now Im wondering what stain that really was, heh.

Do you remember that? :0)

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Where did my comment go??? I commented like two days ago and Blogger didn't POST IT. BAD BLOGGER I HATE YOU!!

And now I can't remember what I said, something about being scared shitless and never wanting my unborn child to crawl but thanking you for reminding me to buy cabinet locks.

Stupid blogger.

Is Teeeeena your sister?? That's so COOL she's totally telling us stories about you!

sarap@dailyforex.com said...

My 3 girls aren't so nosy, but my son seems to be getting into things at a younger age than his sisters did...so I've gotten these great cabinet locks that keep his little fingers out (and my stuff safe- for now!).

Definitely worth a try, because they're set-it-and-forget-it...

jenny said...

Teena-- I don't remember that. See, you remember stuff differently from me! Maybe that's where Baby gets it from, climbing everything, from me! agh!

Does your ee boy still climb tables or has he stopped that now?

love you <3 xoxo

jenny said...

Gringa-- LOL! I know, I hate when blogger eats my comments, too! Don't be afraid of the baby, just get those child-proof locks!! I didn't need them with the girls when they were little, but they are getting nosey now, and I wish I could use them but they knoww how to open the locks, so what's the point?!

And yes, Teeeeeena is my big sister. :o)

Sari-- I hoped to avoid buying any more child-proof stuff, but at this rate, I just may give in! I need to child-proof my sanity!! :o)