Thursday, October 8, 2009

::Mountain Mama Wares Shop Update::

I finally have all my homemade jams and jellies for sale in my
Mountain Mama Wares shop on Etsy!
Please click on the link in the right sidebar to go and visit.

I have 3 flavors in 1/2 pint sizes available:
*Wild Grape*

I also have a Sampler set in 4 oz sizes,
but I have only 5 sets,
so if you want some, order fast!


Carol said...

I can't do it now but I have added it to my 'things I want to do this weekend' list. I think it will have to be Crazyberry for us...will you be ok to send that to the UK?

C x

Keri said...

need the url...can't find you on esty!

jenny said...

Carol-- I'd be happy to ship to the UK, and wwill combine shipping costs if you want to order more than one jar. :o)

Keri-- Click on the blue link in the sidebar under "buy handmade". That should take you to the shop. :o)

Keri said...

found it. however, the $8 shipping is kind of high. does it really cost that much to ship a sampler set?

jenny said...

Keri-- If you send me a convo on my shop, you can give me your zip and I can get exact shipping costs to your address. Post office is closed Monday, so I can have that info to you by Tuesday. since you are fairly close, the shipping would probably be lower. :o)