Monday, July 13, 2009


I don't know why it took us so long, but we finally, finally put up swings for the girls.

We have a great old maple tree that has branches just perfect for swinging on. I already picked which would be the best limbs and had Hubby trim a few other branches, already had the rope, already had the wood... what were we waiting for?!? It has been so nice to see the girls swinging to and fro nearly every day and I love the time I have had inside the house without them getting into my hair! Things are getting done now! :o)

I read all the comments regarding Henry and I appreciate the input from everyone. I have this to say:

We got the chickens to provide us with food-- eggs and meat. We are meat eaters and eat meat in some form in almost every meal. That said, I knew that getting straight-run chicks (mixed sexes) meant I would have to cull the males, if I had too many, and they would be destined for the dinner table.

What I didn't expect was to feel so fondly for the chickens as they have grown and we have watched them entertain us with their chicken-y ways. I didn't think I would have favored one or the other the way I do for Henry.

I have been careful not to get attached to any of the other chickens and when the girls come up with names for the hens, I am only half-listening. I don't want to make the same mistake I made with Henry and then when the time comes, for one hen or the other to go into the soup pot, I don't want to cry and wail that I am eating Petunia the Buff or Freckles the Sussex.

I'll be taking 3 roosters to the butcher's soon, I am not yet ready to do the job myself, but I am hoping, one day, to do it on my own. I'll hold on to Henry for a bit until I decide what to do with him. Thanks for the offer, Katherine, to send him to a farm in PA, but I'd rather keep him here with me.


Stephanie D said...

I love those swings! And how great that you were able to put up a swing for each one. They don't overlap, do they?

I felt sort of the same way about a rabbit we once had, though she was never intended to be food. I never knew rabbits had such personality, but this one was a doozy. When she got ill, I took her to the vet--and cried when she died in my arms.

DJ Kirkby said...

Keep him! I'll fund his food if needed! xo

Carol said...

The swings are fab!!

I'm still waiting for my friend to come back to me....she's dreadful for not checking her e-mails!! I will let you know what she says if she every gets back to me :-)

C x

Karen Mayes said...

Hmmm... the problem is that you humanized the rooster, making more more personal to the readers and commenters. So we are kinda rooting for Henry's existance now ;o)

jenny said...

Stephanie-- Nope, no overlapping! We worried about that, but they can all swing without banging into each other.

I'm sorry about your rabbit. It's amazing how animals come into our lives and change them.

Dj-- :o) No funds necessary. Thanks hon. xo

Carol-- I can be like that sometimes, too, taking a long time to reply to emails. You don't want to know how long it takes me to send off 'thank you' cards!!

I like how the swings give me free time inside the house!! :o) Hooray for swings!

Karen-- Oh I know, it's personal for me, too. I just wanted to make clear that we intended for the chickens to provide us with food. We'll be keeping Henry for the time being. :o)

Deaf Animals said...

The couple, who lives on 100 acres of land, are vegetarians and have two children.

They have a ton of chickens, hens and roosters. They have one rescued from KFC slaughterhouse and this one is so big compared to the others due to steroids.

While the decision is ultimately yours, it's a thought just in case :)Enjoy your time with Henry and the others. I hope Henry's other good eye doesn't get pecked.

Deaf Animals said...

With your skills in making clothes, your kids might beg you to make this one day:



Unknown said...

I'm so glad I found your blog! I found it on Google Alerts as my blog is titled A Mountain Mama, so yours came up as well. The berry picking and surprise fondness for chickens are posts that I have made recently myself. :) I'm trying to get enough berries for blackberry dumplings. Bill Henry was the name of the rooster who kept our girls in check. They were all killed by a predator some weeks ago. We are left with our one rooster Roy, who we can't bring ourselves to butcher for the meat - though we probably should. Today, we plan on searching for more chickens. Anyway, I really enjoy your blog, and will be back. Thanks!

Bluemeya said...

hey. I loved the pictures of Henry. I'm rooting for him. Sign him up for some rooster-boxing lessons! We'll make a man/rooster outta him yet!
* winks

The girls are growing so big!!

I got the blog cleaned up and will be working on it more. I'm gonna need another pie soon! *giggles*

Glad all is well with you and the family. xoxo

* oh the name and address is changed.. so update it wherever it is so you can keep updated on Baby.

jenny said...

Katherine-- 100 acres! Wow! We have a nice piece of land here, 15 acres, so there is plenty of room for Henry to roam. I think I'd like to try getting some new chicks and separate them with Henry and see what happens.

The kids would love that! Maybe one day... :o)

Kelli-- Hi! Welcome! So sorry to hear about your Bill Henry and the girls. We lost 3 to a predator-- most likely a fox and I was quick to finish the coop the next day. So far so good-- knock on wood. Have you heard of I've never ordered from there, but I have friends who did and they were pretty pleased with their chickens. I will be ordering from them in the future.

Mmmm! Blackberry dumplings! You'll have to share the recipe!

jenny said...

Blue Girl-- Isn't Henry a handsome boy?? See why I wanted him to be the father of all my babies?? lol! Good idea.. I'll sign him up for some King fu Chicken classes-- oh wait, that sounds more like a chinese dinner, yum! :o)

Glad you updated your blog, I had been checking it and sure do appreciate the info. You all are in our prayers. Let me know when it's safe for us to come and visit. Apples will be ready soon.. Apple pie it is! :o) xoxoxo