Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Rainy Day Fun!

I've been wanting to try freezer paper stenciling for some time now. I have seen many examples of it all over Blog-land and have been so enamored with it, that I just had to try it myself. With today being a rainy day, it seemed like the perfect time to do it!

I waited until nap-time for Baby, then we got into it. After the girls picked/drew their pictures, I cut them out on freezer paper, then ironed the freezer paper onto the shirts. I cut up a sponge, squirted out the paint and let them have at it! Was it ever fun and the girls were so tickled to wear their art!

Not bad for a 3-year old!

Middle working on her sun rays.

Oldest had to have the words, "I love you!"
That was a chore to cut out. The exacto knife came in handy here!

Almost done...


I think the hardest part for the girls was waiting for the paint to dry!
We used acrylic paint, it's what I had on hand. I'm told that it will be fine in the laundry, so we shall see about that. I line-dry my clothes, so it should last longer than usual.
If you use fabric paint, you're supposed to iron after the paint dries to set the paint.

This was so easy, that I plan to do up a couple of my own shirts next! This is a great way to give shirts with stains a second life-- cover up the stains with your picture!


Carol said...

That's a brilliant idea and your three wee ones look very chuffed with their end results!!

You have a talented brood :-)

C x

DJ Kirkby said...

What is freezer paper honey? Those shirts are fab. xo

jenny said...

Carol-- Ah-ha! So that's what chuffed means! I've seen that word on BBC shows but wasn't too sure what it meant. Thanks! :o)

Dj-- It's the paper that one uses to wrap meat in before freezing. It's waxed on one side and you iron the waxed side to the shirt which creates a seal between paper and fabric, then after you paint, peel the paper right off. I had a hard time finding that paper, it took a trip to the big stores to find it. This would be a fun project for N3S if you can find some. Another alternative would be to use adhesive spray, I think you can find that in the crafting shops. :o)

Dk's Wife said...

Hey!!! Love the shirts. My mom hand paints t-shirts, and once she is finished and the paint is dry, she says to "heat set" the artwork by placing a thin towel or dish drying cloth over the design and press it at the highest setting. Do not wash for a week afterwards. That should make the paint last :)

jenny said...

Kay-- Thanks for the tip!! I wondered if doing that would help it. I will do that the next time we paint shirts! :o)