Monday, July 6, 2009

Fireworks and Rhubarb!

Hope you all had a good weekend! It was nice for us-- we had my mom, aunt and uncle here for Baby's birthday/holiday weekend. I always enjoy having them here and I love it when my husband says he loves having them here, too. I can tell he is genuine about his feelings and I feel really lucky when I can say that we both love each others' families.

My aunt's rhubarb patch is doing so well this year, that she can't keep up, so my uncle suggested bringing the surplus to me. I didn't expect the bounty that they gave me!

That was a lot of rhubarb! I chopped and froze 24 cups-- I didn't want to do more because I can't sacrifice more freezer space. I decided to make rhubarb juice with the rest. I'd heard of it and always wanted to try it, but never had enough or, actually, I never wanted to give up the pies for the juice. I made simple rhubarb juice, sweetened with sugar and oh my! It's like drinking rhubarb pie! So, so good! I got 6 quarts of juice out of the remaining rhubarb!

The next small town over was hosting the fireworks display, and I wanted to take the kids down to watch. So after dinner, we piled into the van and snagged a good spot to watch. Nothing like the Washington Monument's fireworks, but pretty good for a small town and just right for small children. I expected Baby to cry, but he didn't. He held on to me and watched.

We had a good time and maybe when the kids are a little older, we'll go earlier to enjoy the festivities and music they had earlier, before the fireworks. Pack a picnic dinner and mingle with the townfolk.

Oldest lost a sixth tooth tonight. She'd been worrying over it for a few days now, afraid it might come out when she slept and swallow it. She never let me get close enough to pull it out and I admit, it frustrates me a little when she wants me to do something about it, but won't let me do anything. Reminds me of when I got a big splinter in my foot and my dad tried to get it out and I kept whimpering and pulling my foot away just as he got close with the tweezers. Karma, eh? Anyway, she finally let me pull it out and that tooth just about jumped into my hand! She's happy now and anxious for the tooth fairy to come in the night.


DJ Kirkby said...

Wow, that is a lot of teeth gone. We are still waiting for N3s's first one to come out and he is 6 1/2!

wakeupandsmellthecoffee said...

What a beautiful daughter. And I can't believe your little guy is already a year old!

Carol said...

Awwww, oldest is sooo cute!! I can't help but think of the song 'All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth'

Popped over here from DJ' the blog and will definitely be back :-)

C x

Juli said...

OMG - what a cool coindence! Mak lost his 4th tooth before the 4th of July. Yeah... slow at losing his teeth, but he's starting to lose them all within a few months of each other :X

Thanks for giving me the link to your blog. I'm finally catching up, etc. Awww... I'm loving it!!

I hope to VP with you soon when it's fixed. We have a lot to chat about like always!! *winks*

Misssss ya!!


jenny said...

Dj-- I guess it varies from kid to kid when it comes to losing teeth. Middle is 5 1/2 and she hasn't lost any yet. I knew a kid that lost 4 by the time he was 4 years old! Early!

Wakeup-- Thank you and, I know!! Seems like yesterday I just had him! :o)

Carol-- We actually used a picture of Oldest with her two front teeth missing on the back of our christmas card for 2008! Had those lines underneath. It was a hit with the family! :o)

Welcome and hope to see you around more! :o)

jenny said...

Juli!!! Hey! Good to see you here! :o) It sure takes a long time for the second set of teeth to come in!! It's been more than 6 months and still no front teeth yet.

The VP frustrates me!! The tech guy is so slow to respond to my emails and it's taking forever to get it fixed! argh! I hope soon!!!
At least we have AIM and now this! :o) xoxo