Monday, June 2, 2008

Lucky Find!

Last Thursday, I had a doctor's appointment and went on my merry way to the big town, leaving behind the husband and the kids. I had big plans. They were to stop at the mall for new nursing bras, stop at the store for groceries, and a lunch somewhere all by myself where I can eat while it's still hot! On the way down, there were 2 big yard sales-- yes on a Thursday! That's normal around here, to have yard sales on Thursdays. Anyway, I had to stop, I cannot resist large yard sales, especially when I have time to spare (and no kids, too!).

The first had lots of clothes, but I managed to find an old suitcase and a couple of books for my upcoming hospital stay. The second, well, that was much more to my liking, with lots of furniture, knick-knacks and tools. I found a great vintage glider (below) for a mere $15!! I quickly paid the man, and asked if I could pick it up on my way home, since I really needed to get back on the road if I wanted to make my appointment. Watching him put a SOLD sticker on it, I merrily went on my way, secure in the knowledge that Hubby would be pleased with my purchase.

After the appointment (where I had arrived at 10:55 for a 11:15 appointment, and they didn't call me in until 11:44 and I didn't see the doctor until after 12:15 and I didn't get back into my car until 12:33!) and running all my errands, I made it back to the yard sale to pick up my treasure. I made room in the van when I was at the store, so all Mr. Man had to do was slide it on in. I couldn't wait to get home and show it off to Hubby!

Sure enough, Hubby was excited about it and mentioned that we were just talking about looking for a glider a few days ago. We have a few of those old metal "hotel" chairs that we are cleaning up and going to repaint and this fits in just perfectly with what we have. It's in pretty good shape, only a couple of rust spots here and there, and after adding a little oil to the gliders, it glides fine. I still can't believe it was only $15 and once again, I feel so lucky to live up here where yard sales start as early as Thursday and people around here hold onto things.


Patty Keen said...

Just $15 for that and it is still in good shape?! You are so lucky! I love those gliders too.

I must admit I love to stop by your blog often because your "no-fakery" enlightens me.

May I have permission to link your blog to my blogroll?

jenny said...

Patty-- Hi!! Welcome!! That was such a lucky find! They had another glider but it was the kind that came with/needed cushions and they were asking 25 for it, I much preferred the simple one I got.

I'm glad you like to visit-- please feel free to add me to your blogroll! I'm tickled! :o)
See you around!

Wendy said...

Very cool! It's fun to find something you've always wanted at a really good price ;).

Sarah and Jack said...

Nice! Mine doesn't glide anymore, one of the ball bearings was lost. :-(

Sparx said...

Jenny - I am showing my un-coolness here... but what's a glider? I mean, I can see what it looks like but why is it called a glider? Is it like those rocking chairs that go forward and back instead of rocking?

jenny said...

Wendy--Absolutely!! It's the thrill of the hunt as well!

Sarah-- eee!! How nice to see you visiting! I never imagined you would wander over to my corner of blogland. Can ball bearings be replaced, I wonder? Thanks for coming by! :o)

Sparx-- Exactly! A rocker that goes back and forth instead of rocking! Needs a little more oiling, but it's gliding! I have to confess when I was at the yard sale, the term "glider" escaped me and when I was asking the guy about the glider I was struggling with what to call it and I blurted out "sofa". He looked at me funny. Oh well.. I probably won't see him again unless he holds another awesome yard sale!