Thursday, June 19, 2008


Three little girls... soon to be joined by a little boy... no baby yet!

We went from having a heat wave last week where we spent nearly every waking moment in the kiddie pool to cooler weather this week where I had to put blankets back on every one's bed. Not that I'm complainin', no not me! I love the cool breeze that blows open the curtains at night and the feel of crisp cool sheets on the bed with the ceiling fan lazily spinning round and round.

The popsicles are lasting a bit longer, too, instead of 3 hot, sweaty little girls begging for a popsicle every 10 minutes. My towel supply is not running out the door getting "accidentally" dropped in the pool or dragged through mud. We don't have to run our air conditioner, which we got fixed, and it turned out it was never broken after all, but a simple little switch that got turned off.

Another upside to the cooler weather? Perfect for heating up the kitchen with all my canning of the Mulberry Jelly! I don't have to hear Hubby grumble about me making the house hot. There's still time to leave a comment on the Giveaway post for a yummy jar of my fresh-made Mulberry Jelly! You don't want to pass this up! I'll be drawing a name on Friday afternoon after we get back from our yard sale-ing rounds.


Patty Keen said...

Have fun at the yard-sale'ing!!

lera said...

Hi Jenny!

Thanks for the sheet tip. We are about 1 1/2 hrs from Winchester, but some friends just moved there and invited us down to visit. We may have to go now.

I wish you good luck on the birth of your son. How exciting

DJ Kirkby said...

We havent had any hot weather yet this year, still way too cold for N3S to frolick in his paddling pool.

DJ Kirkby said...

P.S. I boy by tomorrow (Sunday). xoxo