Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I like watching cooking shows 'cause they are about, well.. food! Who doesn't like food?? If you're going to eat, eat good! Anyway, in this particular cooking show, she was making her version of carrot-pineapple cake and I just about jumped off the couch and licked the TV, it looked that good!! For days afterwards, I was dreaming of carrot cake and remarking to Hubby how it had been awhile since I made carrot cake. I got him craving for carrot cake too! Finally, a couple of days ago, I made my version of carrot cake. Pretty much followed the Better Homes and Gardens recipe but I like to add a cup of raisins in my cake. Carrot cake without raisins just isn't worth eating. I am not a frosting fanatic, so I only made a little bit of cream cheese frosting and smoothed it on thinly-- I want to taste the cake not drown it! Too good for words and I have been sneaking bites here and there when the girls aren't looking!
I have been working little by little on the quilted centerpiece placemat for my MIL. I made the edging and pinned it on, and now comes the tedious part of sewing it on by hand. Definetely something I want to do after the kids go to sleep. Here it is, almost finished:
Now that I am looking at it from this point of view, it really looks busy, but it doesn't look so busy when I have it in front of me. Well, I know MIL will like it, and Hubby likes it too, so I'll forge ahead and finish the trimming tonight.

Woke up this morning to snow!! First thing that came to mind was that there was enough snow falling to make snow ice cream again!! I quickly set out two big bowls to catch the snow and looks like there's plenty for dessert tonight! yum!

Hope your day was just as delicious as mine!


Lantana said...

You are very talented. AND ambitious! You sound like a very happy and motivated woman.

I have a friend that does quilting like that, very "busy", but really soothing to the eye with the right colors, which your's is.

I always look forward to your new posts!


D-HOR said...

Was that the Paula Dean cake? OMG I'm such a food network hor, it's all I seem to watch. Too bad it makes me hungry though! EEEEE!