Friday, February 22, 2008

Birthday Planning

For the past 2 days now, Oldest has been cutting paper into strips and making a paper chain for her birthday party... in 3 months!

Middle is hampering more than helping Oldest and getting Oldest all aggravated when a chain rips. And yes that is the potty she is using as a table.

This was the chain as seen last night. It has since grown and I had to tell her to corral it into a box to keep Middle and Youngest from breaking it. Ignore my dirty rug, I haven't been able to vacuum because something in there isn't working right and it makes a godawful sound and actually makes me dizzy when I turn it on. I leave the vacuuming to hubby now. Blame him.

Somehow, Oldest has gotten Youngest to be her little helper and she carries the tape around for her. She was showing me the latest results on her chain while I was making dinner and one broke, "Youngest!" she yells at the top of her lungs. And here she comes with the tape. "Tell her 'Thank you!'" I tell Oldest.

By the time her birthday rolls around in June, if she keeps this up, it will be able to go around the house 10 times! She will have gone through 3 rolls of tape. Her markers will dry up. There will be no paper left in the house! She will start eyeing the papers we have in the file cabinet- ack!


DJ Kirkby said...

What a fabulous idea to celebrate a special day...must keep this in mind for N3S's birthday next year.

Barbara said...

Great party paper chain. It will look fab hung about the house.
My girl is a June baby too and she is always looking ahead, planning for the next event. She's been known to start packing for a holiday that's 6 months off!

jenny said...

Dj-- we first did this for Middle and Youngest's party last month. It was a way to keep them busy and out of the kitchen while I made party food. I had no idea that Oldest would want to do it again and SO SOON before the party!!

Barbara-- Oldest does like to be prepared! Must be a June thing!