Thursday, July 12, 2012


We harvested the onions yesterday. Seeing all those yellow and white onions just make me feel so pleased with our efforts at keeping the garden weeded. Last year, when we planted onions, we lost the entire crop when weeds completely choked them out.  All that back-breaking work to plant them only to have all our efforts wiped out.  Not this year!

I didn't count, but there are more than enough onions here to last us for quite awhile. I don't think it'll last til next summer, though, so we plan to plant a second batch to make sure there's enough. We eat plenty of onions, just about in every dish we make.

A far cry from the onion-hating person I used to be! I used to plead with my mom not to put onions in meals, and she made onion-less potato salad for my sister and I.  Then I met Andrew, with onion juice in his veins and he often says, "A house is not a home without onions!" I'd begrudgingly add chopped onions into a dish, just for him, only a little! He'd ask for onions in the meatloaf I make, so I obliged, just half of one! Then the amount of onions I used grew, onions were included in more and more meals. We'd give raw onions to the kids when they were babes, and to my surprise, they liked them!

Now, I cannot imagine not having onions! Onions go in practically everything I make these days. Even though our kids have grown up eating onions, it still surprises me each time they willingly put raw onion slices on their sandwiches or hamburgers.

The onions still need a couple weeks of drying time, and they're in the pole barn now. I plan to store some, dehydrate some, and of course, use them as we go.  I've stopped buying store onions quite awhile ago, and there's nothing more satisfying than being able to provide something we need from our own garden.


barefoot gardener said...

Oooh! Pretty! We do a lot of onions in our house, too. Little Sprout is the only one who has ever objected, and that is more from eating a really hot onion raw. Now she makes sure I cook all her onions, and she is happy. ;)

Cheyenne said...

I hated onions as a kid, but now it seems I can't get enough of them. I put them in a lot of things I make and always have them on hand. We don't have a garden because of all the wildlife in our area, so store bought has to do.

jenny said...

Barefoot-- I guess it really depends on how we cook from day one. I was already adding onions into just about everything by the time the kids came along, so they've already tasted onions in the womb and in everyday meals. They don't know to ask me NOT to put onions in things. It's only when I make something unfamiliar do they object-- like shrimp or zucchini.

jenny said...

Cheyenne-- As a kid, the only thing I loved to eat with onions was onion rings! Other than that, you could keep onions. Thank goodness I wasn't so stubborn about adding onions into meals and Andrew was persistent in getting me to add them. It's a sad day when I discover we are out of onions!