Monday, July 30, 2012

::30 Days:: 7

I love waking up to the smell of my wonderful husband's breakfast potatoes!
Oh yum!
He shreds the potatoes, adds chopped onions and green peppers, spices, butter, and most importantly, lots of love. None of us can resist making pigs of ourselves when it comes to his breakfast potatoes!

The handsome man behind the potatoes!
He rocks the new beard! Just a stripe down the chin and it makes me weak in the knees!

Taking time out of tagging more items to help Sylvia make a little bird mobile from a kit I had.
Of all the children, she is the one constantly declaring, "I'm bored!" Talk about karma making full circle! I used to drive my mom batty when I'd announce every 10 minutes, "I'm bored!"  Seems fitting that at least one of my children inherited that trait! I try to point her into different directions: make lego houses, embroider a picture, play with the play-doh, swim in the pool... but nothing interests her. I didn't want to stop pricing stuff, but I'd never hear the end of her announcements if I didn't give her something to do!! And look, she's so proud of it! It's hanging above her bed now.

Had to put on my doctor hat today. Poor Peter fell off a chair and hit his head on the corner of it. Ouch! He only just got better from a hit above his eyebrow, and you can just see the scar above it. Thank goodness for "skin glue"!!  He doesn't leave band aids alone and putting a band aid so close to his eye just won't do.  He was starting to get a full-on black eye by the time he went to bed.

Heading to the booth tomorrow, good night!

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