Wednesday, July 25, 2012

::30 Days:: 2

We've been cleaning out the basement and in the process, finding "lost" things.
Found the replacement lamp socket and wiring I bought ages ago for a different lamp.
First thing this morning, I re-wired a thrift-store lamp.

Love the lamp! It was a bargain at the thrift store.
I also love that the kids see Mama doing handy-woman stuff, with tools and everything!

 It works!!
Then the rest of the day, the kids kept switching on the lamp, turning on the big lamp, then the small inner lamp inside the green globe, then they both turn on, then off again. Over and over! It'll be a miracle if that lamp makes it a year in this house!  I hope so, I really like it.

This is what happens when you leave your beads out and your nosy little 4-year old brother gets into them-- a big mess on the floor!
They had a choice: sweep and put in the trash = no more jewelry kits
pick each bead up and future jewlery kits will be given.
They chose to pick up all the beads, but not without grumbling.
Lesson learned by the girls, I hope.

Found the old ViewMasters and reels and the kids had fun with them.

Evelyn took over reading the bedtime story tonight. One of the ViewMaster reels was a very, very condensed story of Rumpelstiltskin, so they pulled out the longer version to read.

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