Friday, July 27, 2012

::30 Days:: 4

Hummingbirds have been humming around the flowers outside the back door lately.
This morning there were two of them. Pretty green ones.
Impossible to get a shot through the screen and I'm afraid that if I tried to open the sliding door, they'd fly away. But I'm content with this shot of the girls watching.

 Still plugging away at cleaning, tagging and packing up inventory for our booth.
Didn't do as much today, it was just too hot and I was plain old cranky!
I did about 25 items today.

"C'mon kids, let's go into the pool," says I!
Ahh, I feel that crankiness melt away once I slip into the cool waters.
Just what the doctor ordered!

We stayed in the pool long past supper-time, so I needed to make a dinner that was quick and easy-- tacos! It always helps having pre-cooked meat packed away in the freezer to cut down on cooking time.  My secret ingredient? Oatmeal! Helps to stretch out the meat between the 6 of us and adds a bit more fiber. Not really a secret anymore, since all the girls know I add oatmeal, as they help cook meals with me, but they always whisper, "time to add the secret ingredient" when they help!

Yummy yummy in the tummy!
Pay no mind to the Christmas wreath on the door! It usually hides behind the curtain and comes out for the holidays.  I've always meant to put it away, but I keep forgetting and until I saw this picture, I realized that I never really notice it anymore.  It sort of disappeared into the background! By the time I finally get around to putting it away, it's going to be Christmas again!! 

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