Tuesday, July 17, 2012

::30 Days:: Redux

Four years ago, I participated in a 30 Days series, where one posted a picture a day to represent their day.  I found it hard to choose just one picture, so I posted 3 or 4 a day with a brief description of my day.  Some of it was hum-drum,  with nothing much to share, just ordinary days in which I do laundry, tend to the children, can apples.  But I was recently looking back through old posts and I really enjoyed reading each one of those 30 posts. It forced me to look and find the beauty in my ordinary day. To stop for a moment, snap a picture, and remember.

I'm going to do it again.  I'm busy these days, but how much busier am I than I was 4 years ago, with a newborn baby?  And I was preserving all sorts of apples-- applesauce, dried apples, apple chips.  And we were splitting and stacking wood.  And I  had not just baby Peter in diapers, but young Sylvia, too. And the older two were not exactly independent and doing things on their own compared to now.

While I tend to bring the camera along for special occasions-- a visit with family, or a picnic outing-- these very ordinary, sometimes boring days, deserve some recognition, too. Because within these days spent at home are some extraordinary moments, a glimmer of extra-specialness that lasts only a second, and if it isn't remembered somehow-- writing it down, or a photo taken of it, it will very likely be forgotten. I know I have had plenty of those, 'this was so cute, I need to write this memory down' and then I didn't and I couldn't remember the moment anymore.

I'll start next Monday, giving me time to gear up for it and if any of you want to join along, please let me know in the comments.  Just a photo (or 3 or 10) a day that represents your day for 30 days. The original series, if I remember right, asked for just photos, but I guess I'm a chatty person, I couldn't post just a photo and not say anything!  So feel free to silently post just a picture(s) if you want, or by all means, describe your day!


Anonymous said...

Jenny,I love this idea.I always take random pictures of the kids in the grocery store,metrorail, etc.The only thing is that I use my phone which is not taking pictures as good as a camera but I just want to remember those moments.

jenny said...

Sandrine-- A phone picture is better than no picture at all!! I'm terrible with taking pictures, so this forces me to get the camera out and take some photos. I'm afraid the kids are going to grow up wondering if they existed. Good thing I have this handy blog to prove they did! :o)