Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Best Investment

We've had such a stretch of hot days.

 The temperature rises and makes everything sticky hot.
The children melt.
We trip over the cats and the dog laying on the coolest parts of the floor.

The sun shines bright and beats down on our skins.
Sweat beads on our brows.
It's just hot.
Hot, hot, hot.

Ah, the pool.
The cool water is just the place to be on these hot, hot days!
So grateful to be able to slip into the water and instantly wash away that stickiness.
We spend a good chunk of our days out there, in the pool.
A break for lunch, then it's right back into the pool again.

 In the stillness of the evening, when I come and check the water,
I catch the sun taking a dip in the pool.
Mr. Sun gets hot, too, I suppose.

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Stephanie Davison said...

Cool pics! (pun intended)