Friday, December 19, 2008

Puppy Days

This is the view we see every time we head out to town. It was particularly nice this day, as we love seeing the fog rise from the trees. We live right in the middle of the mountains and we are surrounded by other mountains, near and far.

Today makes one week since puppy has become part of the family. We named her Maisie.

If that mutt sticks her nose up my butt one more time, she's gonna get it!
The cats have taken to Maisie really well, considering. I think it helps that she is smaller than them and doesn't bark too much, but she has been getting braver and has actually tackled them.

We had an unseasonably warm day a couple days ago, and I shooed the kids and puppy outside to play. They wore each other out!

Maisie is all pooped out and naps on the couch. We don't mind her napping on the couch, we are of the mind that a dog becomes part of the family and we don't crate her. Our biggest challenge with her right now is the potty training-- it's 50/50. The girls also complain she bites and we explain that puppies like to play and their idea of playing is biting. The girls are asking Santa to bring chew toys for Maisie this Christmas!


Lantana said...

Costco has a good selection of hides and things to chew on. My daughter has two (2!) Australian Shepherds and she has given them chew toys right from the beginning and now as adults they are very well behaved. Your puppy is adorable. Welcome Maizie!

DJ Kirkby said...

Maisie is so adorable that she makes my heart swell.