Monday, December 29, 2008

A Hand Made Christmas: A Success!

We had a nice Christmas at Hubby's parent's house. His sister and her family were there, his two aunts, us, and a couple of friends. It was a fun day and I was anxious to see how our nephews would like the monsters I made them.

Everything I gave was hand made this year. The adults all received a box filled with goodies: A fudge sampler that included Rocky Road fudge, peanut butter fudge, and chocolate mint fudge; spicy gingersnap cookies; chocolate muddy buddies made from cereal nick-named "Puppy Chow" from Maisie the puppy; 2 kinds of jam: crazyberry and peach; and a sewn bird ornament. It looks like everything was well-received and I hope the goodies I made are being enjoyed.

The 5-year old got a new pooh bear earlier in the morning and after getting the monster, both stayed in his arms for the rest of the afternoon.

The 7-year old absolutely went bonkers over his monster and named him Bob. Bob! He made Bob bounce all over every one's head, give everyone hugs and kisses and Bob really got into every one's faces. Over and over, my nephew came up to me thanking me for his new monster and how much he loved Bob the Monster.
I'm so tickled!

I made my first dolly and gave her to my Niece, who refused to hold it for a picture. I got my lovely assistant, Youngest, to hold it for me. My niece is almost 3 and she was more interested in ripping wrapping paper off of presents than what was inside the boxes. When she opened the box I had wrapped the dolly in, she picked it up and tossed it aside, then went for the next present. I hope after the excitement of Christmas settles down, she will play with the dolly. I gave her red hair because my niece has red hair. I love the red striped stockinged legs I gave her.

We still have my mom and my aunt and uncle coming over this week and I have to whip up 2 more bird ornaments to add to their box of goodies. They'll get here on Wed and stay until Friday and I am looking forward to their stay here. I'll be making my turkey pot pie of my own creation and will share the recipe with you on my next post. Bring your appetite, it's tasty!


Amandeep said...

Wow!!! I wish i had an aunt like you!! At the age of 24 am still crazy about stuffed toys, and totally love the monsters you made!! :-D

Karen Mayes said...


I knitted two scarves (with beads) for my stepmother and my daughter, who could wear them inside. For my son, a knitted cap, in army camflouge color, to keep his head warm.

The rest of gifts... of course... from stores/online.

As I have said many times but for some reason of my own, I fail to follow them through... in the whole year of 2009, I SWEAR to create more crafts, especially for 2009 Xmas! NOW, I do need willpower to see that I keep my vows! ;o)

Lisa said...

Great job!! Most of my gifts were handmade too, with a couple of gift cards thrown in for good measure.

I wasn't feeling as creative as you this year, but stuck to more practical things like socks and mittens.

Where I really fell short was on the cookbook i was assembling for my girls with all their favorite "mommy" recipes. Got it started, but not finished! Maybe in the New Year!

jenny said...

Amandeep-- My sister has a dog that was sewn by one of our older cousins and she got it when she was little, still has it nearly 40 years later!! I don't think the kids will hold on to the monsters for that long, but one can imagine they will! :o) I'm glad you like the monsters!

Karen-- I bet those beaded scarves were beautiful!! I'd like to learn to knit someday. With 4 littles though, now is not the time! You can do one homemade gift a month starting now and then by next Christmas, you'd have 12 gifts!! Easier said than done, right? I think I'll try it for myself and see how it goes...

Lisa-- LOVE the cookbook gift idea! I want to do the same thing for my own kids someday and have already started a cookbook with all my favorite recipes. Then one day, when each child moves out, I'll make a copy and give as a "on your own" gift.

Sparx said...

You are totally brilliant, I love love love the monsters!