Sunday, December 14, 2008


We drove long and far yesterday.

It was a long and winding drive, through snow-covered mountains, icy cliffs and lonely, deserted towns. The kids were amazingly good during the trip, because they knew where we were going and they didn't want to risk making Mom and Dad mad, or we'd turn around and go back home.

We ended up in a tiny town over 130 miles away, in the middle of the mountains. We came away with...

...this. A puppy!

After a near daily search on, we found a shelter that had this beauty and her 6 brothers and sisters. A cocker spaniel/boxer mix. You can see the boxer in her, and the spaniel, too, but mostly boxer. By the time we got there, 4 of her siblings were already adopted and we had to choose from 3. Such a hard decision, but we zeroed in on this one and we love her already!


She's still so little, she can't get up on the furniture without a little boost from us. She's around 7 weeks old. We gave her a bath and then let her explore her new digs.

She fascinates everyone! Even the husband is in love with her! She can't even eat without an audience! Good thing she isn't a shy eater.

I'm tired, can I sleep now? No more pictures, please.

We're glad we got her. She is fun and the girls just love her. She's smaller than the cats are and the cats don't seem threatened by her. Oh sure, the cats puff up their tails and one even swatted her on the head, but she hasn't barked at them or chased them down, so I am hoping they will accept her soon.

No name yet... we are still getting to know her and the right name will come to us eventually.


Lantana said...

Darling puppy!! I think your kiddies will get alot of excercise!! Boxer/Cockerspaniel ??? I wonder how they worked that out? Must have been some contortions going on!

Good luck, you have a completed family now!

Oh, the name? How about Box-O-Poo??

Lantana said...

Hmm, stupid me, I was thinking "Poodle", not Cocker Spaniel! I guess you will just need to name it according to it's personality. Everyone should get to name themselves, there would be less complaining.


barefoot gardener said...


Kelly said...

Oh, I am so in love with her!
Lucky you... I have a dog and would love to have another one.

Way to go to get a dog from shelter! You rock!! :)

Kelly --

Karen Mayes said...

Ahhhh... cute!

Puppies and kittens grow up very fast, usually at 6 to 8 months old, they are sexually ready... ahhhh! It would be a good lesson for your kids to put away their favorite toys or they'd end up as subjects to her teething time.


DJ Kirkby said...

awwwwwwwww CUTE!

Lisa C. said...

How cute! Have fun toilet training her.

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

What a doll, your kids are going to love this project :)

jenny said...

Lantana-- You're funny! We were told the momma is a cocker spaniel and the dad is a boxer. she has the ligh coloring from the spaniel but she definetely looks more boxer.

Barefoot-- thanks, she's a doll!

Kelly-- We had every intention of getting a puppy from the shelters, there are too many cats and dogs in there that need homes and I wish I could do more for them. She is such a sweetie!

Karen-- we alread warned the girls to keep their toys put away-- this is the silver lining in owning a dog-- it had forced the girls to keep their toys cleaned up! We should have done this ages ago!! :o)

Dj-- thanks!

Lisa C-- so far so good.. :o)

Trapper-- we just love her! It's teaching the girls to remember that when they run, puppy wants to play and run, too, and that usually means puppy is going to grab their clothes!

SabrinaT said...

What a cutie! My boys want a dog so bad. If we leave Japan this summer we will get them one, if we stay we will have to see.