Friday, December 5, 2008

Bibs & Burpcloth Sets For Sale

I have been making these Bib and Burpcloth Sets for a few years and sell them at the children's consignment shop that I work at. I thought I'd see if any one would be interested in buying some from here. They are hand made and durable, most of them made with thick decorating fabric in cotton and backed with chenille (other materials used will be listed underneath the photo). I use snaps for fastening, because I don't like the way velcro will grab and pick up bits and pieces in the wash and later, lose their effectiveness. All Bibs have two snaps for adjusting to neck sizes and grow with your child. They wash and dry with normal wash cycles.

I have a Paypal account and if anyone is interested in any of these, leave a comment stating which one you want and your email and I will send you an invoice. Once payment is received, they will be shipped out the next day. They are $12 for each set.

* Edited to add: Shipping will be exact cost to your address. After I contact you via email for your address, I will have the package weighed at the post office and let you know what the cost would be.

These make lovely gifts, too!

Blue Hawaiian- 1 available

Handbags on yellow, backed with cotton terrycloth- 1 available

Blue Geometric- 2 available

Fruit backed with wavy chenille- 1 available

Satin Koi Fish- 1 available (the Satin washes well and does very good as a bib. I still use a satin bib from when Oldest was a baby 6 years ago!)

Green Race cars- 3 available

Green Satin backed with wavy chenille - 1 available

Black Flower Power- 1 available

Polka Dots- 3 available

Sparkly Purple Flowers- 2 available


Lisa said...

These are lovely and if I had anyone who remotely needed them, I would get some! Guess I'm in between needed them for my own children (or friend's) and the grandchild stage!

A said...

These make wonderful baby shower gifts! Made in USA and handmade.. can't get better than that. How would shipping work?

DJ Kirkby said...

Oh these are just so pretty! You st up a shop on Etsey yet? It is free! xo