Thursday, May 1, 2008

I See Rhubarb!

I see several rhubarb dishes on the table in the near future! Yum!

I love how even though I have neglected the rhubarb patch and the weed blocker fabric is all askew, the rhubarb will come up year after year, regardless. I had planned to move them to a different location, but too late for that now. I'll spread some compost over it and baby it a little and see if it does better this year than the previous years. I planted them in a sunny location, and they really do better in half sun / half shade. I have had nowhere near the amount of rhubarb I used to harvest at the old house before I moved them here and last year I made only a few pies and desserts with none extra to freeze or make jam with.

Stay tuned for rhubarb recipes!

1 comment:

Lisa C. said...

Sounds good. My mom used to make some cherry/rhubarb pies. Yum.