Monday, May 12, 2008

Do you have any wine bottles? asks the pregnant lady

We made Strawberry Wine today. I went ahead and used a recipe that I got off the internet that used only strawberries, lemon juice, sugar and water. We didn't have any wine bottles since the husband and I are not big drinkers so I hunted around on the internet for some but didn't see any that satisfied me.

We had errands to run in town, so the first place I thought to check was a store that I have gotten storage bottles from before. I had the kids stay in the car with Hubby because it was just going to be a quick in and out. I asked the clerk if they had any wine bottles and she pointed me over to some fancy ones that don't quite fit the bill, but would do as a last resort. She suggested another place and we drove over there. No luck there but the clerk suggested the store next door.

Sure enough, I scored some nice wine bottles with cork and bought 5. Hubby made me laugh though, when he said what the clerks must have been thinking when they see a large, obviously pregnant woman inquiring about wine bottles! He acted out a whole skit, pretending to be me, asking people for wine bottles and then switching roles to a clerk giving me a funny eye. After he said that, I do seem to recall getting a funny look from one of the clerks when I asked about wine bottles! The baby is supposed to be due in about 5 weeks, but the wine won't be ready for a year.

While making the mash, Hubby hulling the strawberries and me washing and mashing them, we were getting intoxicated with the lovely smell of strawberries. I am looking forward to tasting the wine next year and if it proves to be as yummy as I hope, we will be making it a yearly event! Here's to yummy, tasty strawberry wine!

**Edited to add the link to the recipe I used for the Strawberry Wine


Keri said...

Hi there! I recently found your blog via DeafRead and am so pleased to find another mama with similar values as mine. ;) It's really late to say this but never TOO late: congratulations on your pregnancy! From my short experience raising my son (now almost 3), it's been fun and challenging having a boy. I'm sure it will be a different and fun experience for you since it's your first boy. =) I'm now pregnant with my second and am curious to see if raising a girl would be different. I'm aware that it depends on personality but still, I can't help but notice how much more rambunctious my son is compared to my friends' little girls! =P Anyway, I look forward to reading more posts from you. All the best to you and your lovely family! =D

Keri said...

Oh, one more thing, strawberries will be ready for us to pick in about a month (yep, we are waaaaay up north in Vermont) so if you could e-mail me that recipe for the strawberry wine, that would be AWESOME. Thanks so much! =D


Wendy said...

I'm so looking forward to strawberry season ... which is still a month away for us. I'm planning on picking until my fingers tips are numb :). I have a lot of plans for strawberries this year ... including some wine :).

jenny said...

Keri-- Welcome!! Always lovely to have a newcomer here! I hope to be hearing from you again on my future posts.

I have enjoyed being a mom to my 3 girls and a majority of my friends have girls, not boys. If this baby had been a girl, I would have been equally delighted! Congrats on your own pregnancy and I wish you all the best.

I added a link to the post for the recipe to Strawberry wine. I just stirred the mixture and it smells heavenly! It will be hard to wait a year! :o)

jenny said...

Wendy-- Strawberry season only just started this past weekend. The farm we went to opened the fields on Friday and we were there Saturday. We are definetely making another trip this week, so I can make more jam and freeze some for later. All 10 pounds we picked are GONE!

Next month I am looking forward to cherry season! There is an orchard less than 10 miles from here that lets you pick your own-- I can't wait!

barefoot gardener said...

Oh, how funny! I can just imagine what was going through those clerks' minds!

Thank you so much for the package, it is so sweet! Big Sprout loves her blanket, and though I told her that I liked your idea of keeping it in the car, she took it to bed with her tonight. She said to send you a big hug of thanks! :)

jenny said...

Barefoot-- Yay! The box arrived! I'm so glad the Sprouts like the blankets! My girls use them all the time in the car, great for peekaboo games, naps and open-window drives! Just my way of saying thanks, friend!