Monday, May 5, 2008

Weekend Re-Cap

We have had a busy few days! First, yard sale season is in full swing around here and they start as early as Thursday! The local paper lists all the yard sales and if there are only 1 or 2, we wait until Friday when there are as many as 10-15, including the ones not advertised! Last Friday, with our route all set, we left the house early and hit the yard sales. I try to plan out a trip that will swing by the food store and then circle back to our house and uses the least amount of driving possible. In the mountains, they are far apart, but if you know your back roads, you can cut across without having to travel back the 8 miles it took to get to one place.

The very first yard sale we went to, was one of those un-advertised ones and I had to adjust the route a little, because it took us exactly 8 miles down country roads to get there. After a mile or two, you start to wonder if you missed it, or maybe it was an old sign? Then just when you think it might be time to make a U-turn, you see a little sign tacked to a tree with an arrow. For all you know, it's old or maybe it was for a party or something other than the yard sale, but it gives you hope and you go on. The last sign we saw said, "Almost there!" and I knew then, that we were on the right path. Finally a left turn down a dirt road and past homes ranging from neat and tidy cottages to trashy trailers, small pastures with cows and rocky mountainsides, we found the sale and it did not disappoint!

This lovely lady had everything from vintage tablecloths for 75 cents apiece (you bet your patootie I bought a bunch!), to vintage linen hand towels for 10 cents. She had some milk glass Fire King dishes for 25 cents each and a freebie table that was full of stuff that shouldn't have been free (not that I was complainin'!).

Everything you see in the pictures was from her sale and I paid a mere $7 for the whole lot! If I could not find any other sale after that, I would have still been happy!

In my previous post, "A Day in Pictures", we went to the flea market, had a picnic at the state park and played at the playground, came home and barbecued some pork loin while the girls did a "study" on balancing things on a board, and then when it was time for bed, there was absolutely no fussing or whining about wanting to stay up later. That was a very good day!


barefoot gardener said...

Wow! You got some fabulous finds, there! Very pretty.

Barbara said...

Those tablecloths are so pretty. I like to buy tablecloths, traycloths and aprons from our local charity shops - no-one seems to want them anymore so I get them for next to nothing.

jenny said...

Barefoot-- thanks! I scored with the linens!

Barbara-- Really?? Lucky you!! 75 cents is quite a steal for tablecloths around here! They usually go for $5 or more each at the flea markets or thrift shops, higher at the antique shops. I bought all the flowered and colored ones, and left the white ones behind. I don't really care for white, plus with 3 messy eaters... they won't stay white for long! :o)

Sarah and Jack said...

Wow, 75 cents is cheap! I dont think I have found for less than a dollar for a long time.

Jack is very well trained to take the tablecloth off the table before he eats, lol.