Friday, May 16, 2008

10 Years!

Today is our wedding anniversary. For 10 years we have shared our lives together and I have loved every moment of it. For 10 years we have held hands, slept side-by-side, kissed, wiped away each other's tears, nursed the sick one back to health, argued, made (almost) 4 babies, and loved each other. I wouldn't trade it for anything!

10 years ago, we planned our small wedding ourselves. We got married in the same church my husband's parents and sister got married in. We had the reception in the basement of the church and ordered the food and cake from the local grocery store. We decorated the tables with green table cloth and daisies as the centerpiece, a green candle inside a small clay pot for favors. My dress was a $75 prom dress, slightly altered and his tux was free with the rental of 4 other tuxes. We paid cash for our matching wedding rings because we hated the thought of owing on something so precious as our symbol of love and commitment to each other. Our entire wedding, including the rings and the honeymoon trip, cost us less than $3000.

We honeymooned in the Great Smoky Mountains and stayed in a cabin for 5 days, exploring the flea markets, antique shops and caverns in the area. Then we stayed 2 days at my husband's grandma's house, because she couldn't come to our wedding but we wanted to see her and share the beginning of our marriage with her.

10 years with my husband has flown by and I look forward to sharing another 10, 20, 40 more years with him. I love being married. I love being married to my husband. I love the children we have created together and now raise together. I love how, after 10 years, he still looks at me with the same desire he had when we first met.

I love you my dear husband. Happy 10th Anniversary!


barefoot gardener said...


I, too, had a do-it-yourself low budget wedding. I think that it is more important to pick the right person and to enjoy what the day means than to make it all about the $$.

Best wishes for many more wonderful years together!

Keri said...

10 years? Woohoo! Happy Anniversary! =D

P.S. I had a low-budget wedding myself so that we could go on the honeymoon of our dreams. ;)

Wendy said...

Happy Anniversary!

And what a wonderful sentiment. I especially like the last line of the last paragraph - that he still looks at you in just that way. That's awesome, and truly what we're all looking for when we think we've found "the one."

Congratulations on finding him ... and on him finding you :). You're obviously a great match.

I love the picture, by the way. You look so happy :).

Sparx said...

You are so lucky! Way to go!