Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Pregnancy Update #3

It's official. I am now exactly one month away from my estimated due date. 4 weeks until my little family of 5 turns into a family of 6. Oh my.

I feel pretty good. My belly is nice and big and the baby kicks around pretty strongly, especially after I drink or eat something cold. I'm pretty sure that has something to do with my stomach resting right on his bottom. I'd kick and squirm too if someone plopped some ice cream on my bottom!

My last pregnancy, by the time I got to the end of my 8th month, I was ready to deliver the baby. I couldn't wait to shed the extra weight and get the belly part of my body back. I was aching and tired, my feet hurt and my back hurt. Thanksgiving just ended and Christmas was around the corner. The combination of being in my last month of pregnancy and the holidays did not make for a pleasant experience. I was SO sure that baby #3 was going to come around Christmas time and was half relieved and half disappointed when she didn't make her appearance by Christmas.

This time around, with no major holidays or stresses, the pregnancy is moving along nice and smoothly. The only thing I am dealing with at the moment, is getting the garden planted and planning Oldest's 6th birthday party in 2 weeks. My mom will be here for a week to help with that and we are planning to grill burgers and hotdogs so I won't have to do any cooking that day. The menu is worked out, the invites got mailed today, and all that's really left to do, is to clean the house and make the food, which I don't have to worry about until the beginning of June.

After my last bi-weekly pre-natal appointment next week, I'll have weekly appointments. I need to contact the hospital and make arrangements with the anesthesiologist in case of emergency (I plan on a natural birth with no epidural). Other than that, everything is pretty much set and ready to go.

I have everything I need, except for diapers. I still need to get Youngest out of the crib and into her new bed. We tried to get her into bed one night and after repeated escapes she pointed at the crib and we put her in there. Looks like I'll have to make the crib disappear, just like we did with Middle, to show that she has no choice in the matter and then she'll sleep in the bed. Or at least that's how it worked with Middle.

I can feel my nesting instinct kicking in, and nothing is safe. I want to scrub and clean and mop and dust and wash the windows and sort through the clutter and wipe noses and hands and ... I already told Hubby that I want to have a yard sale before the baby gets here to get rid of some excess clutter. I want to sew and make bibs and a boy-themed baby blanket. I want to pre-make some meals and freeze them so I won't have to do much cooking once the baby gets here. If I had my way, and the money, the whole house would be gutted and everything replaced with something new and fresh and clean.

Tomorrow we go strawberry picking yet again, for another round of strawberry jam and I think we will go ahead and make another batch of strawberry wine. Then we will have something to compare the other one with to see if we botched it or not. We will get a new 5 gallon bucket for the wine this time, to prevent any more strawberry explosions!


Barbara said...

Loved reading your strawberry wine adventures!
Also I just caught up on the pictures of your girls. So sweet. I always feel so self conscious when out and about with my camera. Though I always find the pics I love the best are with the kids messing about!

sufferingsummer said...

so I started laughing when I read this post, not at you mind you but at myself...this is exactly where I was at and the things I was thinking about except then a week later I had a baby...
and nothing got done. I'm doubting that will happen for you, at least I hope not as here it is 5 weeks later and I'm still trying to get things done...and thank God for my parents, they picked up some diapers on the way to the hospital to meet Sabine! I'm so excited for you and can't wait to 'meet' family member #6:)

barefoot gardener said...

Oh, the joys of scrubbing your floors over and over just because your hormones say it HAS TO BE DONE RIGHT NOW! I actually enjoyed that part of my last did Mr. Barefoot! ;)

I think you are so brave to go for natural childbirth. I know you have done it that way before, and I am in awe of women who can stand it. I suppose I could have handled it if there was no alternative, but knowing that there was the possibility of making the pain go away made it too difficult to resist.

I am so excited for you, and can't wait to hear of the safe arrival of your little one.

jenny said...

Barbara-- To tell the truth, I am self conscious with the camera as well. I'm slowly overcoming that, when I see all the lovely pictures that other bloggers post and I want to do the same with my own blog. The strawberry wine is smelling great, so hopefully we aren't too far off on the sugar measurement! Only 51 weeks to find out! haha!

Summer-- Oh dear, I hope that doesn't happen with me! Oldest was 2 weeks late and we had to "force" her out, Middle and Youngest were right on time. So let's see what happens with this one. Fingers crossed!

I've gotten some cleaning done so if that's all I accomplish, I'm ok with that. sort of. hmm.. maybe not! lol

Barefoot-- I've washed the sliding door windows, inside and out; vacuumed all the dead bugs from inside the storm windows- ugh! and then today I cleaned up the play room in the basement, which included sweeping the whole basement, sorting the toys and killing 6 spiders. Just getting the playroom done makes me happy!

As for the natural birth, I felt so much better afterwards with Youngest compared to the first two with epidurals. So I am going to do it again and hopefully I can stick it through. I'll just remind myself of the all the MONTHS of back pain I had after the epidurals and that should keep me on track. Knock on wood!

DJ Kirkby said...

Uh oh...nesting instict already? Be prepared for birthing before your due date my friend. Usually a couple of weeks after the nesting began. Best of luck for a magical birth experience.