Wednesday, April 30, 2008

"Excuse Me?"

I had a pre-natal appointment yesterday at 11:15 am and I got there a bit early. I had hoped they would either see me in a little before my actual appointment time, or at least right on the nose. I didn't get called in until after 11:30, which I didn't really mind too much, because I was reading a magazine that was too good to put down.

After getting called in and placed in a room, answering questions from the nurse, I waited. And waited. Looked around for the non-existent clock and found none, but I did spy another basket of magazines. So I settled with a December copy of some home decor mag and waited some more. Finally the nurse returned only to tell me I needed to move to another room.

I was given a bottle of that orange diabetic testing drink, and I wish I had drunk it while I was waiting. The nurse asked me to drink it after the appointment and then head over to the lab a half hour after drinking it down. I could smell other people's lunches wafting through the air and I was getting hungry myself. The doctor came in to see me after 12:30. She was not at all what I expected, and seemed very rushed. After telling her I was deaf and to please look at me when she talks, she wrote in large capital letters across the top of my file "HEARING IMPAIRED".

She looked to be in her 60's with thinning, short, white hair. She was quite plump, no, more than plump and her pink, fuzzy velour pants showcased the large tire around her waist. I always find it weird to see fat doctors, when they are all aware of the dangers of being overweight. I asked if she would be the one delivering the baby at the hospital and her answer? "If I'm not out of town."

"Excuse me?" I asked her, thinking she meant she would be at conferences or the like.

She looked at my file, noted my due date, and said, "I always go to North Carolina at the end of June. So I won't be here for the birth if you have it then. I also won't be there if I am having dinner. Or if I am tired, then you don't want me there."

With an attitude like that, it may be time for her to retire. She gave me the names of 3 other doctors that she works with and said one of them will do the delivery if she is not there and I actually hope it won't be her. She seemed nice, but the whole attitude thing just turns me off. I want someone that is happy to be there, excited to help me deliver my baby, and not looking at it as a chore. I've been spoiled by having an excellent doctor for the first 2 babies who always felt around my belly and gave very close estimates of the babys' weight and could tell me where the foot or hand was. Then I had a wonderful midwife for baby #3 and she did the same, felt the belly and could tell me the weight and location of the baby. This Doctor did nothing of the sort.

After a quick check of the baby's heartbeat (good) and a measurement of my belly, she left me with some pamphlets on getting my tubes tied. I also had to ask her about the results of the ultra sound and if the baby was fine. A quick look at my file and an equally quick "baby's fine." I made my next appointment (every 2 weeks) and then sat in the car and downed the orange drink. I waited a half hour, walked into the lab only to be told I had to wait a total of an hour after the drink to get blood drawn, not 30 minutes. Argh! I could have drank it in the doctor's office! I read yet another magazine and finally got out of there after 1:30!

I hope the next appointment goes more smoothly, because I am this close to calling up the midwife and going back to her. We almost all went to the doctor's office together because Hubby has never missed a pre-natal appointment with any of the other births and I am so glad that Hubby decided at the last minute to stay home with the girls. Can you imagine 3 little, restless girls crawling up the walls, not understanding why they have to waaiiiitttttt?!? Then again, maybe having 3 restless little girls, would have sped up the waiting time?


barefoot gardener said...

Oh, how rude of that doctor! I know my doc was always in a hurry, but at least he acted like he cared about the things I brought up.

Wendy said...

That sucks! I had a really bad experience with my doctor for baby two, and then, I started going to my gyn with baby four, but I had to see her partners, too, and one of them was kind of like that doctor. He didn't really want me to have an opinion about the birth of my child. I think he would have been happier if he could have just given me that drug they gave moms in the 50s that put them in to Twilight Sleep. Arghh! Why do people to into (or stay in) an obstetric practice when they don't even like people? I switched doctors with baby four, and had a great experience.

I hope the next appointment is better for you ;).

Barbara said...

Oh poor you. That's just so mean and really you have to wonder why some people choose to do the jobs they do! I had one similar experience when I was expecting my daughter and I ended up in floods of tears at being so ignored at such a wonderful time for me. I hope your next appt goes rather better.