Tuesday, April 15, 2008

One Spring Day...

You know how they say "A Man's best friend is his dog"? In my husband's case, it's his cat. Charlie the cat is a bruiser. You call his name and he will come running. If you lean down and wait, he will stand up on his back feet and bump you on the chin. Hard. He's a bumper! If you go for a walk around the yard, he'll walk right along with you. A couple of days ago, we had a lovely Spring day, and Hubby decided to burn some of the leaves around the woodpile. Charlie came along and meowed for some attention. When he meows, you listen!

I spread an old moving blanket down on the ground to relax on and watch the girls play. Of course the girls eventually crowded me out and took over the whole thing! They were imagining one of their books to be a laptop computer and what a serious face Youngest has as she listens to Middle explain the lowdown on a computer program!

After I got chased off the blanket, I decided to go for a walk around the property. We have about 7 wooded acres on the right hand side of the house and one of these days, we'd like to thin out some of these trees to make it look a little more park-like. Much to my surprise, I spot a patch of bright green popping up in the middle of the trees. Looks like a renegade patch of lilies! Makes me wonder if once upon a time this was all cleared at one point and then the previous owners just let it all go. There is also a humongous rhododendron in the middle of the woods a little farther away and I am talking elephant size here!
We worked on the little kitchen garden patch and got all the manure and extra dirt worked in. We pulled a blue spruce out of the area and it left a gaping hole that needed to be filled in. The patch is all ready to go and as soon as there is no more frost in the mornings, I'm going to plant! As we were dumping the manure onto the dirt, Middle asked what it was. I told her it was 'cow poop.' She looked around and asked where the cow went. I had to laugh and then explained exactly how we came to buy cow poop in bags. Tell you what though, it was easy to keep them out of the dirt after telling the girls there was cow poop in there!


todos la vie said...

Oh my gosh, I just love the black cat looking up at your husband. I made your roast beef au jus a while back and froze some batches. Last week, in warming it up, I added bbq sauce to the meat which was a hit.

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Elsie Button said...

i loved the 'and what a serious face Youngest has as she listens to Middle explain the lowdown on a computer program!' and what a gorgeous photo of the three of them!