Saturday, April 12, 2008

A Crazy Day..

It was spent driving all over the place. Oldest's stomach virus had a rebound last night and I never had the prescription for her pain medicine filled because one, the first pharmacy I went to didn't have it; two, the second pharmacy wouldn't take WV medicaid and wouldn't give me a price to see if I could afford it without the insurance; and three, she seemed to get better. Last night looked like it was going to be a long night but after I gave her half of an aspirin and a heating pad, she seemed to be alright. Or not. Hubby tells me that she tried to climb into bed several times in the night and I never stirred.

We had to go to Northern Virginia for a birthday party and on the way we were going to stop at a WV pharmacy to get the prescription filled. No go. The place was closed and looked to be permanently closed. Agh! Kept going and thought we would try the super Walmart just over the Virginia border. No problems except the wait time was an hour and we were already late for the party. After inquiring what time they closed, we went on and planned to come back to pick up the medicine on the way home.

We finally arrived at the party an hour late but had lots of fun with family and friends. Seems like everyone we know are early birds which also translates into early party leave-ers so not too long after cake and ice cream, everyone left. We said good-bye not long after and went to stop by at a friend's place where they had a box of girl clothes they wanted to give to my girls, plus 2 bed rails that were bought but never used. Perfect! I had been keeping an eye out for bed rails to use when baby gets here and will be co-sleeping with us in bed.

Our original plan was to work a couple of hours at the kid store before heading home, but that all changed when we had to get back before the pharmacy closed and when traffic in the Northern Virginia area was a total killer! I can never move back there! My nerves would be shot after a week of driving in bumper to bumper traffic and dealing with all the rude drivers that cut in front of you with no warning or suddenly braking for no reason. I'm now used to the slower pace of driving in the mountains with way fewer cars.

On the way home, there was a major accident on Route 66 and when we finally came upon it, it took my breath away. A RV was over-turned on it's side and a SUV was upside down. Firemen were trying to cut into the doors to open it and on the other side was someone strapped down on a stretcher ready to be put into a waiting ambulance. It certainly was a somber moment and we said a prayer for them and hoped that no one was seriously hurt.

We got the medicine and am relieved that it only cost $13.68 without the medicaid coverage. Oldest's tummy hurt again tonight and after giving her a dose and putting her to bed with a heating pad, all is quiet tonight.

Our main fridge isn't cold. We woke this morning to a funny smell and pinpointed it to the fridge. We thought maybe the coils were dirty and gave it a quick clean before we left. Coming home, the smell was stronger and I could see the items in the freezer were no longer frozen and the ice had melted and dripped through the ice dispenser and puddled onto the kitchen floor. Luckily, we have a second fridge and I transferred most into that one. Gave me a good chance to clean out old items and fill up the compost bin with forgotten leftovers. The fridge is still fairly new, so maybe it ran out of freon? Will have to call a repairman to come out and take a look. If it isn't one thing, it's another!

Hubby was peeved about the fridge and getting worked up about having to spend yet more money on something else that needs to be fixed. I told him that I am just glad that it fizzed out instead of sparking and catching on fire. Could have been worse. I reminded him of that RV we saw on the road today and how that family was headed somewhere, on vacation maybe, only to have ended upside down on the highway. I'll take a fizzed-out fridge over that any day!


Sparx said...

Hey lady - have been having a nice catch-up on your blog this morning, Sounds like things have been up and down but great news on the medicaid. A shame you can't have a home birth but sometimes things happen for a reason and perhaps it won't be too bad in the hospital. I know I'd want another home birth as well if I were ever to have another one but we can't always get what we want. Glad that you're well, hope your daughter gets over her virus soon.

barefoot gardener said...

Wow, sounds like total craziness.

Good for you, keeping cool when your fridge isn't.

DJ Kirkby said...

OOOh sobering post and great reminder to ocunt our blessings. I've missed you and am glad all is normal and ok with you and yours.

Sarah and Jack said...

Ok, this is an old post, but I would have complained to someone about them not giving you the price of the medicine without the insurance. Surely that cannot be legal?