Friday, November 4, 2011

Fancy Schmancy Sammiches

Around here, we sometimes get tired of the same old-same old.
PB&Js get tired.
Plain ol' ham and cheese get old.
Even my number one fave, grilled cheese, gets boring.
Andrew has been having a hankering for a Rueben sammich lately.
I don't care for rye or sauerkraut but hey, if he likes it, by all means, eat it!
A trip to the deli counter and a lovely lady that let all 6 of us sample different cheeses and meats--
brown sugar ham? delish!
Jarlsberg cheese? yummy!
We came home with a nice selection of deli meats and cheeses to make 2 kinds of gourmet sammiches:

                                                                      The Rueben.
Rye bread with thinly sliced corned beef, swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and thousand island dressing then pressed on the grill with a side of pickle. The husband reports, "It tastes like another!" It looked good, Mom gobbled up her sammich, but just the smell of the sauerkraut after Andrew opened the can was enough to chase me out of the kitchen and keep me from trying a bite.  Glad you like it honey, more for you!

The Turkey Cubano.
A twist on the Cubano which normally pairs ham and pork, this one uses turkey and ham.
Lightly buttered kaiser roll layered with turkey, ham, jarlsberg cheese, dill pickle, and mustard then pressed on the grill. Oh man!!  SO freakin' good!  And I don't even like pickles!! Even the kids gobbled this one up.

It's nice to shake things up a little, to try something different once in awhile.
When I saw the recipe for Turkey Cubanos, I didn't know what Jarlsberg cheese was, though I had heard of it. I learned it's a swiss cheese, slightly stronger tasting than the usual plain swiss cheese. I tried a bite of Andrew's Cubano with a pickle and liked it, then tried a bite of one without pickle and found I liked the tangy taste the pickle added to it, so I made mine with the pickle, too.  It's the first time I've ever purposely eaten a pickle and enjoyed it.

Eaten anything new lately?

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Cheyenne said...

They do look yummy. I like to get creative with sandwiches too but my husband is a straight shooter. Don't mess with what he likes. That's OK, more of the good stuff for me.