Friday, December 17, 2010

White Christmas!

So, unless it warms up all of a sudden, it looks like we'll have a white Christmas after all. We got about 2 inches of snow on Thursday, much to the delight of the kids, and poor mama, I had to run around all over the house looking for the other matching mitten, scarves, snow pants, and it's-around-here-somewhere-this-is-where-I-saw-it-last-#$%!!##-snowboots! ahem. Sorry, four children breathing down my neck hollering for snow clothing can wear a mama out!

After I finally gathered together all the snow clothing, dressed them warmly, sent three out of four children on their way, I hoped for at least 20 minutes of knitting time, but it was not to be. Ten minutes out the door, Sylvia was done. Then Gretchen and Evelyn followed. Time for hot chocolate and candy canes. A call to Daddy at the mall to please buy Peter some gloves so he doesn't stand by the window and wail and flail and cry in frustration at being stuck in the house instead of outside shoving snow in his mouth. Anymore wailing and flailing and I might be the one wailing and flailing!

It's been cold here, I'm not complaining, it's been pretty mild up to now, and we managed to get away with not having a fire for most of November. Our stockpile of firewood is not as big as I'd like it, so any day not having a fire is another day saved. We may get some more snow, wait and see, I hope just a little more, not so much to keep family away for Christmas day. I have a big turkey in the freezer for Christmas dinner, and I hope I'll be able to cook it for all our guests and not just us. I may get a back-up ham just in case.

Winter Solstice is almost here. I've been talking for years about wanting to celebrate this day with the kids, and I am going to do it this year. A walk in the woods would be nice, making something to hang in the trees for the birds to eat and welcoming Winter with some small treat for us. I'd love to hear your ideas if any of you celebrate the Winter Solstice.



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Cheyenne said...

I've never celebrated the Winter Solstice, but your idea sounds really nice.

Unknown said...

You're such a good momma!

Sugar said...

*Chuckle* As I read this post I envisioned you in a fast moving silent movie looking for all those mittens, hats, and coats. Have never observed winter solstice before, but did participate in a spiritual retreat in which a silent walk through woods gave time to quietly reflect.

Edie said...

Speaking of winter solstice, there is to be an eclipse of the moon around 2:30 am Tues morning. I dunno if you are able to see it where you are or if you even know about this. I saw it in the newspaper this am. I hope you read this tonight and watch for it. I enjoyed reading your blogs and keeping up with the antics of the children!

It is quite chilly for Fla and will be getting a freeze tonight and tmw. We have the fireplace burning and the snap crackle and popping is very pleasant to listen to as well as feeling the wonderful heat emanating from it! Aahhh!

Thanks for the wonderful picture of the grandkids. Edith's mom loved it too and said you wrote a wonderful letter and you sure did to us too. Thanks a bunch. It is amazing to see how much they have grown!

We are doing ok and in good health.

Have a very Merry and Blessed Christmas and may the Lord watch over you and keep you all safe.

I love you and miss you!

Dad and Edith

Wendy said...

Decorating a Yule Log is a lot of fun. We usually pick a log and decorate it using flammable materials (cotton thread, for instance). We make cut-out star shapes and each of us writes a wish for the new year - something we hope to achieve or accomplish. Then, the log is put into the fire and the "wishes" sent out into the world.

We'll also each pick one gift that we've made or purchased for someone else and give that one gift. The focus is, therefore, on giving rather than receiving, because we're all excited to be giving that person our special gift - rather than on what we're going to get.

Another fun project is to make "wish bread" or "monkey bread." Basically, you make a sweet yeast bread dough and allow it to rise. Then, you take nuts and/or dried fruit, and you tell the children that the nuts and fruit represent wishes. Break off golfball-sized pieces of dough and roll them into balls, and instruct the kids to make their wish, and then put their "wish" into the ball of dough. You put the dough balls into a pan with a sugar-butter syrup in the bottom. Then, bake the bread. When you eat the bread, you consume the "wish". I usually tell my children that, because they probably won't be eating their own wish, they should be making wishes for other people. And, again, the emphasis is on others, rather than self.

I love the whole Solstice celebration, and for us, it's a wonderful opportunity to escape what has become an incredibly narcissitic and consumerist holiday season :).

Unknown said...

a roaring fire sounds like the perfect thing just about now :) happy snowy holidays to you, jenny!