Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I try to take things in stride.
I try not to worry about stuff too much.
I try to relax and let things sliiiide off my back.
I try to not let the little things bug me.
I try hard at trying.

Sometimes I try not to cry over the stuff that I'm trying not to worry about.

I'm counting my blessings.
I have to, or else I'd focus on the stuff that I'm trying not to let bug me.
I have a good life. I do. I do, I do, I do!

I have a wonderful and loving husband.
He loves me. He truly does!
He's a good kisser and hugger and ...ahem... moving on!
He listens when I talk, eats the food I cook, provides the muscle when I need it.
He goes out and works so he can bring home a paycheck for us.
He is a wonderful father to our children.
I love watching him play with the kids, chasing them and playing hide and seek.
I have 4 beautiful children.
They are great kids.
They are turning out to be great siblings to each other.
I love how Evelyn helps me with the younger ones and I really appreciate that.
I love their individual personalities and I don't try to make one like the other.
I love my chickens.
I love their feathery butts and the way they walk and the way they run.
I love their combs and wattles and beaks.
I appreciate the gifts they leave in the coop to feed my family.
I enjoy our life here, in the middle of all this beauty.
The views, the mountains, the trees-- there is nothing prettier.
I learn something new everyday; today I learned my uncle once worked at a turkey farm.
I am grateful for the roof over our heads, the food in our pantry and the clothes in our drawers.
I am grateful our animal companions like to be near us.
I see the gift stash and I know that Christmas will be good this year.
Thanks to Secret Santas (you know who you are) that have helped make this possible.
Thanks to good friends and family for all you've done for us.
Thanks to coupons that help me shop for the family and lower our grocery bill.
Now if I could just find coupons to help lower the gas bill...

I'm feeling better now.
It'll be easier to try and not worry after reading this.
I agree with the local church sign down the road:
ThanksLiving should be all year, not just one day.
I am thankful that I wake up in the mornings.
I am thankful I get to share another day with my family.
I am thankful I have someone to love and who loves me back.
I am thankful.

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