Wednesday, April 7, 2010


50 percent of the people in this house are sick and two of them are the people that are supposed to take care of the other little people in here. Then before bedtime, 2 more little people said their throats hurt, so make that 83% of the people that live here are sick.

Can you believe I'm doing percentages while I have snot running out of my nose??? I must be really sick!

I hope we get better before Saturday.. we have a triple-birthday/belated Easter gathering to go to. The kids would be very disappointed if we didn't go.

I'm off to bed, don't be surprised if it's quiet around here for a few days... With my pounding head, stuffy/runny nose, scratchy-hard-to-swallow throat, I'm going to be conserving what energy I have to run after snotty-nosed Peter with a tissue!

Later, dudes.


Karen Mayes said...

Brew water with garlic, gingerroot, and lemons.

It usually works for me... just sip...

Carol said...

A little whiskey with some hot water, lemon juice and a little honey to take the edge Gran swears by it!!

C x

DJ Kirkby said...

I expect the kids will feel better before you two do! Hope you're all well soon. x

jenny said...

Karen-- Sorry, that just doesn't sound tasty to me, but I imagine it works!

Carol-- Now THAT sounds tasty to me!! lol

Dj-- You were absolutely right! The kids were on the mend much faster than we were! Andrew still feels a little rough, but for the most part, we're all better now. Thanks for the well wishes! xo