Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Gone to Chicken Heaven

Poor baby chick has gone on to chicken heaven.
We'll be having a little funeral in the afternoon.
I'm sorry, baby chick. Wish I could have done more.


barefoot gardener said...

Awww, shoot! I was so hoping for a recovery.

I have to hand it to ya... this is exactly why I don't keep animals. Well, that and the butchering thing.

Hope the kidlets aren't taking it too hard...

jenny said...

Barefoot-- Me too!! I hope this does not become the norm for us-- to always lose a chick with every batch. It's one thing to butcher them, but something else entirely when they die at only a couple weeks old. Hardly a chance to live.

The kids are fine, a few tears and kisses, then their focus is back on the other 9 chicks.