Friday, April 2, 2010

oh happy day!

First, check out the temperature it was today:

Yeah! 80 degrees! Oh! It was so nice out! Too bad the girls were grounded. More about that in another post.

And look! The bunnies have come to town!

Ok, seriously, have you seen the finger puppet tutorial over at Purl Bee??
You have got to check it out! It's so easy and good thing, too, 'cause I found out about it only on Thursday. I cut out a bunch of these in an hour, then it took me about 15 minutes apiece to stitch each one up. These are going to be in the Easter baskets for the kids!

All I have left to do is the noses and their eyes. I'm skipping the tails because I know my kids, and any pom-pom on there is going to get ripped off. I think they look cute as they are!

I made 5 so far... I'll be making a few more for my nieces and nephews.
We're getting together with other family a week later for an Easter/Birthday party, so I have time to do those later.
Aren't they cute?! How can you look at these and not be happy?
The brown ones are chocolate bunnies, of course!

Happy Easter!

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DJ Kirkby said...

They are adorable. Wish I'd seen this post before today :( I love your blog header at the moment, looks peaceful. Please visit my Chez Aspie blog before Monday evening if you want a chance to treat your inner geek for free. I wont tell anyone. Promise ;)