Thursday, November 29, 2007

A Walk In The Woods

Weather cooperated with us today and I was able to take the girls outside for some fresh air and a walk in the woods. I've been wanting to get a picture like this for awhile now and wanted to time it with the girls walking under that fallen tree that arched across the path. Youngest started to pull away from her sisters and walked back to me with arms outstretched, saying, "Up, up!" When I tried to put her back down by the arched tree, no go. Her legs clamped around me and her little hands clenched my sweater in her fists. I like this picture, though.

Our time outside was cut short, when Youngest fell face-first into a pile of branches. All I could see was that one sturdy branch and I saw it connect with the top of her forehead. As quickly as it happened, she was just as quickly in my arms, wailing and crying. Thankfully, it was just a scratch about 2 inches long, broken skin but no blood. Whew.. Her guardian angel was looking out for her today. I carried her back into the house and she clung to me, wanting more comfort and then I mentioned "hot chocolate" and she released me, running to the fridge where she knows the makings of hot chocolate live. Hot chocolate and warm banana bread fresh from the oven cures all!

We will spend more time outside this weekend, if it isn't too cold. I'd like to gather greens and branches for garlands and maybe a wreath or two. Hope you all have a lovely weekend away from the hustle and bustle of the stores.


Sjs said...

lol. did you know that chocolate was banned in switzerland for many years. read this

DJ Kirkby said...

Jenny, that picture took my breath away! How beautiful! We are putting up our snowflakes today. I have a very silly post on my blog today, I hope it makes you laugh. oxox

DJ Kirkby said...

aaarrrgggghh! How stunned am I to forget such an important fact? Sorry, sorry, sorry! Have listed a quick run down of the general gist of foamy's rant under your comment on my blog, for you and will try to find subtitles! xoxoxo

LaRonda said...


You're a good Mama.

~ LaRonda