Sunday, October 28, 2007

Road Trip!

We're going on a trip! A trippy trippy trip! Ok, not a trippy trip, but a trip, none the less! What else do you call a 12-hour drive with 3 little ones and no dvd player in the car? It'll be a trip, that's for sure! I'd been afraid to say anything earlier, for fear I'd jinx it and we'd cancel because of some unforeseen event, but everything has been smooth leading up to today, so it's safe to say, we're going on a trip!

What? No dvd player in the car? Well, no. We have a 2001 Mazda MPV and this was before dvd players became standard for cars. Isn't that kind of sad?? That dvd players are standard for cars? What happened to all the games we played as kids going on long car trips with our families? Looking out the window and watching the scenery go by? Punch buggy? License plate bingo? C'mon!! Don't tell me that you pop that dvd in the car and everyone gets lost in their own little techno world? ipod players and cell phones and dvd movies?? Say it ain't so! Anyway, we don't have a dvd player and don't plan on getting one. The girls do great in the car, and they're pretty used to long drives since even going to the food store requires packing the diaperbag and bringing snacks and drinks. They amuse themselves by singing silly songs, poking each other, bringing a doll or 6 along, and reading the newspaper. Newspaper?? Well, sure! Look!
With 3 little ones, that 12-hour trip might become a 15-hour trip, so we are planning to leave when the girls go to bed. Only we will put them to bed in the car. We are heading to Florida (!) to see my Dad and his Wife, my Sister and her Hubby and kids! I haven't met my niece who is now 18 months and my nephew who will soon be 2 months. And they haven't met Youngest who is 22 months. It'll be a mini family reunion of sorts and we are all so excited! Plans have been made, routes have been mapped out, neighbors have been recruited to feed the cats, timers have been set for the lights, luggage is almost packed, the van is oiled and gassed... Let's go! We leave tonight and hope to get there by lunch time, Monday. By doing most of the driving while the girls are asleep, we hope to avoid most of the "Are we there yet?" and the "I gotta pee!" by the girls. See you next week, as I won't be posting while we are in Florida. I will be having too much fun catching up with everyone, taking pictures, and soaking up the warm sun. Have a great week!


IndianaJones said...

This sounds like so much fun...and I know just how special those family reunions are!
I'm with you on the DVD. We are borrowing my in-laws mini-van complete with DVD player but have never ever used it and don't plan on it.
Eye-Spy here you come!

deafanimalrow said...

That's funny about the girls reading the newspaper. One that is asleep takes after your side of the family!

Enjoy your trip and please give my regards to your sister and family.


DJ Kirkby said...

Have a completly fabulous holiday. I miss seeing you aorund my site, hope I havent offended you in osme way?

wakeupandsmellthecoffee said...

Have a lovely time, Jenny. I'm sure you'll do fine without the DVD player.

Hayley said...

I remember those sort of journeys as a kid, my two older brothers and I would be fighting for space in the back seat and trying not to kick dad's seat in the process. I once scoffed a bag of mini Twix and upon our arrival threw up all over my feet. Hope your trip goes smoothly!

Sassy Blondie said...

I loved car games when on the road! DVD players? No imagination....

jenny said...

Summer-- The girls spent most of the trip playing with their barbies, so we didnt need to play any games. I think when they are a year or two older, the games will begin! We had lots of fun on our trip and look forward to future ones!

K-- :o)

DJ--Oh no, there has been nothing you did to offend me. It's been crazy, what with the store and then the trip. Now that all is calm and there is no work or trip coming up, I shall be coming around to leave comments again. I have been reading, though, just slipping out the back door quietly when I am done.

Coffee-- And a lovely time we had, too! Oldest asked about a TV in the car and I asked where she saw that, and she said on TV. I told her we didn't need one and she went back to her dolls. Let's hope that will be the end of that!

Hayley-- Oh yes, My sister and I would draw an imaginary line on the seats and we were not to cross it or get that particular body part smacked! We made my mom run into a ditch for misbehaving and she was turned around scolding us then run into a ditch! Boy! Was she mad!! Nothing like that happened! whew!

Sassy-- Car trips are great!! I remember my college ones.... :o)