Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hell Froze Over

I finally gave in and joined that crazy thing called facebook. I had gotten plenty of invites from people to join in and I told myself that I never would. Well, I got curious... and signed up last week. Good grief! In the span of 48 hours, I went from having 2 friends to over 50 friends! I had no idea I was so popular! I realize though, that there are people who add friends just to boost their numbers.

Anyway, I picked this for my profile picture... I think it says enough about me. From the looks of the picture, I must live somewhere with lots of trees, I'm holding a chicken, so maybe I live on a farm, and there is some sort of building behind me, what's that? And oh, look-- trash! I must be white trash! :o) Maybe I need to change the picture? Hmm..

I am keeping my facebook and my blog separate. I know that there are some old classmates that read this here blog (Hi!), but it doesn't mean I want the whole school to read it! I think I would start to second-guess myself and censor things if I knew everyone was reading this, and I don't want to do that. This blog is for ME, it's my way to give my kids a connection to me when they are older and I get this printed out in book form.

Back to facebook. It's been interesting. It's like a class reunion without having to fly anywhere and dealing with the BS of having to repeat over and over what I am doing with myself these days. I like seeing how people have changed, or stayed the same, who married whom, and how many kids they have, if any. I don't think I've changed much since high school... see?

I was 17 in my senior picture, taken in '91. I wore glasses then, but chose not to wear them for the picture. I was trying to copy my Mom's senior picture, where she did not smile, but I thought it was the most beautiful picture ever, of her. And yes, that is a little rat tail you see peeking out on the side there. What can I say? It was the style at the time. The back of my head was shaved, too, so that when I had a ponytail, you could see short hair back there, and that's when I discovered I have the same cowlick that my dad does, on the back of my head.

There are some schoolmates that look so different, that when they have tagged me to be their friend on facebook, I've had to study their pictures to try and place them-- especially when they have changed their names. I can usually remember faces and then match names with them, but some of those faces have changed so much!

That sweet, skinny, scrawny little guy, whom you once told, "I'm not interested in you that way, I just want to be friends", is now big and buff and handsome! That cute, popular guy that all the girls swooned over, is now fat and balding. That geeky girl that never had a boyfriend is now too gorgeous for words, with a cute husband and cuter children. It all sounds so cliche, but it's true! I see it with my own eyes, how we have all changed and I hope that people will look at me now, remember me the way I was, and say: She looks the same. She was nice to me then.


barefoot gardener said...

I just joined FB, that is ADDICTIVE!

LaRonda said...

Welcome to FB Mania. I've been there for a while now. Going to go and add you as a friend. I find jotting down my "status" and reading other people's "status" is a whole lot of fun at times. People get really creative and humorous.

I love your choice of photos. You know you can change your profile photo whenever you like.

~ LaRonda

LaRonda said...

Jenny, I don't recall your last name. Find me on facebook (LaRonda Zupp) and send me a request to add you as a friend. Thanks. ~ L

Lisa C. said...

I found you in a Facebook after typing your name and sent an add friend request yesterday. Welcome to a Facebook World!

DJ Kirkby said...

I'll probably see you more on here, I don't go on facebook much. xo

Karen Sue said...

I have a facebook page, but I don't Facebook and then people will be almost huffy that I'm ignoring them. I'm ignoring EVERYONE there, no one in particular! I just met you right now on this blog and I like the picture of you and the chicken. I'd want to be your friend with that picture! and I'd like to think people would remember that I tried to be nice..most of the time in HS.

Carol said...

I love facebook!! It's a great way of keeping up with friends day-to-day lives. e.g. I know that a friend of mine in Jakarta has a dodgy stomach and I managed to cheer her up today by telling her that her that I'm sure her bum now looks a bit like the Japanese flag!!

I'm on there as Carol Burns (same profile picture so easy to spot) if you would like to look me up :-)

C x

jenny said...

Barefoot-- I'm already kind of bored with it. I'm staying away from the games on there and just using FB for seeing old friends and faces.

Laronda-- Yes, I am finding some people status' to be funny, but at the same time, do I really need to know they're going to the store to buy school supplies now? Kind of silly to give people a play-by-play of their every move. But that's me...

Lisa C-- Hi! Both there and here! :o)

Dj-- ditto. I only go over to FB when I get an email saying someone wants to be my friend. I like my blog better. :o)

Karen-- Sounds a lot like "damned if you do, damned if you don't" eh? Like I said, I'll be keeping FB separate from my blog, so there won't be any pictures of my kids over there. I don't like the idea of pictures becoming property of FB and they can do as they please with them. Whereas with blogger, once I close the blog, the pictures are gone, too.

Carol-- lol I had to laugh at that japanese flag one there! lol! I can see there are pros and cons with FB. For now, I'm being cautious. I'll look you up and tag you on FB. :o)