Wednesday, August 26, 2009

From This, To That!

We are working hard to clean up and get rid of the clutter around here. It's not as easy as one might think, because as soon as I get one surface cleaned off, in come 4 little ones with their (pick one) puzzles/books/drawing paper and markers/barbies/etc., which then get dumped on the formerly clean surface. *sigh!*

I started with the basement and got new cupboards to help corral school supplies and craft supplies, but then we moved my Mom's things into the basement and I cannot get into the cupboards anymore. So I need to set up a new school area upstairs. We have a fairly large living room, so I'm going to use a corner for keeping school supplies handy.

Now... what to keep the supplies in. Hmmm...

I found this nice, old wire basket at a yard sale a couple weeks ago. It looks like it would be just the right size...

Voila! A handy dandy carrier for keeping markers and construction paper all in one place! I'll be adding a recycled, cleaned can to the corner and attach it with wires, to hold scissors and glue sticks. I so love it when I can re-purpose something like this into something I need.

Now, if I can just re-purpose something to make a bounce shield for my clean surfaces so that when the kids put something down, it'll bounce right off! :o)


Carol said...

If you get some paper strips and weave them through the squares then you can put spare pens and pencils in there too without worrying that they will falls through the holes :-)

C x

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Too cool for School! Or in this case, perfect for school? :P AND I have a crazy urge to color now, so thank you :P (i love to color!)

jenny said...

Carol-- Ooh! Good idea!! I think I can take that a step further and use fabric strips.. the wheels are turning! Thanks for the idea! :o)

Lindy-- Well pretty soon you'll have an excuse to color all you want! :o)