Wednesday, August 19, 2009

County Fair 2009

We went to the County Fair tonight.
A photo of the kids before going in,
just in case we got separated and I would have a picture to show.
I wasn't going for smiles, just documentation of their clothing.

I made a beeline to the homemakers building to check on the results of my jam entries.
My Crazyberry jam (center, left) got a red ribbon for 2nd place.
My Rhuberry (center, right) got a blue ribbon for first place!
yay! I'm happy!
I wonder how they judged them, though, because they were not opened.
I guess they judge based on how they look in the jar?
I think it would have been "Best of Show" had they tasted my jams!
Time for rides!
The girls got on this one and then when we got in line for another ride, the guy asked for tickets. "Tickets?" we asked.
Apparently, things are different this year. Last year, the kids got to ride the kiddie stuff for free, but there was a hefty entrance fee. This year, the kids got in for free, but rides are now ticketed.
I counted 7 kiddie rides-- the merry-go-round, the elephant ride, race cars, baby train, baby ferris wheel, space ship (but the lift didn't work) and alligator bouncy thing.
2 tickets per ride, per kid. $1 each ticket equals $2 per kid times 3 kids equals $6 per ride.
Buy unlimited rides in the form of a bracelet for $12 per kid times 3 kids equals $36.
Yeah, um, no.
We compromised with the girls:
One more ride and they could have cotton candy.
They enjoyed every minute of that merry-go-round ride!

Baby kept me company while we waited for Daddy and the girls.

The girls liked their very first taste of cotton candy!

"More Daddy! More!"

We enjoyed the Fair. Next year, we'll have to remember to take out a loan first.
At least the kids seemed to understand why they couldn't go on all the rides, and they are happy. Before they went to bed tonight, Oldest told me she had fun at the Fair. And then she drifted off to sleep, probably dreaming of bouncing on blue and pink cotton candy clouds.


Edie said...

High 5 on your winning a blue ribbon!!! Dad said congratulations, and wanted to give you a BIG hug!

Ask the Oldest in the morning what she dreamt about.. If she shrugs again, ask her if she still has her brain :-)

BTW, I made biscuits from the recipe you gave me. They turned out good, but were not as toasty on tops like yours. And, they were baked for like 25 mins, not 15 mins. Could it be the altitude or humidity here?

Karen Mayes said...

Congrats on winning anyway!:o) Serious, the judges had not sampled your jams? I think it's a bit funny.

Carol said...

Congratulations on your wins!! (Although I am a bit surprised that they didn't taste them...seems odd)

We recently accompanied friends to Lego Land and I was horrified at how much they charged!! It worked out at $100 per adult (can't remember what it was for the kids)...makes for a very expensive day out...I was gobsmacked!!

C x

jenny said...

Edie-- Yay!! High five right back!! Thank you! That hug took my breath away!! huff puff! :o)

I asked Oldest what she dreamed about and she said, "I dreamed about a giraffe and I was feeding it leaves!"

Bicuits:: Hmmm, could be the humidity... Cook them until their tops are browned the way you like them. I don't pay attention to how long I bake them anymore, I take them out when the color looks right. Maybe a little less milk?

Karen--Thanks! yeah, they didn't sample the jams! None of the other canned goodies were opened. I'll have to ask how they judged them when I go and pick up my jam at the end of the fair.

Carol-- Thank you! (I thought it was odd, myself) We live not too far from a big amusement park-- Kings Dominion, but I dread taking the kids there some day.. Last time I was there (pre-kids) it cost me $57 for a day (even with a discount)! Eep! With the 6 of us, I can expect to pay around $300. In that case, we are going to get on every damn ride!! Things sure have gotten expensive at fairs and amusement parks.

LaRonda said...

Jenny, reading you is like a Hallmark moment or watching an episode of the Waltons. Charming. Endearing. Heartwarming.

Seriously, you should publish.

Congrats on your wins.

~ LaRonda

jenny said...

LaRonda-- I love your comments! You make me feel like a fancypants writer! I mean that in a good way! I have something in the works... wait and see! :o) And thanks!

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Yayyy Jenny on the Jams!!!!!

And AWWWWWWWWWWWW thier FIRST cotton candy?? Oh that's just so sweet! :)

And taking the picture for saftey before going - I never would have thought of that *writes in her how-to-raise-kids-notebook* totally smart Jenny, thank you.

OK AND do you realize how REDICULOUSLY cute your boy is in the stroller picture? Good heavens! :)

jenny said...

Lindy-- Thank you! And yes, their FIRST cotton candy. I forgot how quickly that stuff dissolves on your tongue! man! We still have half a bag left stashed in the top pantry shelf for later.

We don't usually take pics of the kids when we go places, but the fair was CROWDED that night, and you just never know. Our kids are pretty good about staying close, but again, some weirdo might lure them away with COTTON CANDY or something when we're not looking. Better safe than sorry.

He IS a cutie pie, isn't he?? SO HANDSOME! Thanks hon! :o)

Barbara said...

Congrats on the ribbons for your jams. Well done you!Bx