Thursday, January 22, 2009

"Honest Scrap"

My friend, the famous author, Dj Kirkby, tagged me to do this meme. I'm supposed to list 10 honest things about me and then tag 10 others. I know memes are hit or miss-- some people like 'em and others hate 'em, so I won't tag you, but if you want to do this, feel free and let me know so I can come and see.

  1. I don't like eating beans-- kidney beans or lima beans or any of those dried type beans. They taste mushy in the mouth and I only eat beans in chili. I can only eat one bowl of chili before my brain starts protesting and I don't pick them out so I can be a good example for my kids.
  2. I can whistle the theme song to "The Andy Griffiths Show". I can still remember it from when I watched it as a kid and my husband tells me I whistle it pretty good!
  3. Every time I take off my wedding ring when I am cooking (working dough, or raw meats), my husband puts it back on my finger and proposes to me all over again.
  4. I always say "yes".
  5. You know those "truth or dare" games people play at parties? I always said "truth".
  6. I started smoking cigarettes when I was 13, back when they used to cost 80 cents a pack. My best friend and I used to walk to the bowling alley where they had a cigarette machine and put our money in, then get a pack of Kools.
  7. I quit smoking on and off for years, but finally quit for good on Jan 1st, 2001. I've never smoked again since.
  8. I once watched a guy shoplift a watch in a store in Georgetown, D.C. It happened so fast and he was so smooth that I couldn't believe what I was seeing. When the salesclerk wasn't looking, the guy reached over the counter, plucked the watch off the back wall, slipped it on his wrist, smiled at me, then walked out. It all took less than 5 seconds. It still amazes me to this day.
  9. No, I didn't rat him out. I was too shocked to say anything and by the time I realized what happened, the guy was gone.
  10. The first time I rode on a horse was bareback. I know why they use saddles-- when I got off the horse, there was hair all over the inside of my legs. ugh!

Interesting enough for you? :o)


barefoot gardener said...

Wow, that thing about the wedding ring is so cool. And you say yes every time! That is amazing...

When I think about it, I am gonna have to go kick Mr. Barefoot in the head now for NOT ever doing that.

Karen Mayes said...


Ahhh... about a shoplifter... wow, sounds like a sophiscated one, ugh?

I did witness the exchange of illegal drugs a few times on a particular street, but I did nothing because I was driving and witnessed the incidents on the sidewalk and I was just driving.

Oh well.

lady macleod said...

great list and of course - awww, I love 3 and 4!

Sparx said...

I love reading other people's memes... a sneaky little glimpse into their lives. I too love the wedding ring story, so lovely!

Dana said...

I love learning new things about new friends. :) thanks for sharing.