Thursday, January 15, 2009


We have a daily visitor in the mornings. He isn't too bright. At least we don't think so.
Every morning, round about the same time, we have a male cardinal that comes to our bedroom window.
Same window. Same time.
BC the cat has since learned that there is glass separating him and the bird, so he no longer hunches down and does that butt wiggle that cats do when they're ready to pounce. Over and over he would lunge at the bird, only to bonk himself on the glass.
Finally, after one bonk on the head too many, he knew that the glass would never magically disappear or he would not pass through like a ghost.
So now he just passively sits there and watches the bird. Maybe dreaming of cardinal roasts and cardinal sandwiches and cardinal mousses...

The bird on the other hand... He still has not learned that there is glass there and it will never magically disappear or he will never morph into a ghost and pass through it.
So every day, the bird flies into window, sits on the sill and peers through. Maybe it sees its' own reflection and thinks there's another bird.
Maybe it sees the cat and knows it can't get him and he's tweeting "Na-na-na-nah-nah!"
Or maybe it's just scatterbrained.

Hey! Where'd the cat go?


You still there?



barefoot gardener said...


Now you just gotta stick your arm out the window with some cardinal type food, and teach him to eat from your fingers....that would be cool.

mishkazena said...

That's so cute. The cat and the bird has a daily morning ritual ;)

Kelly said...

This is way too funny and too cute! I wished I had a bird like that to greet us each day.

Lucky you! :)

Lisa said...

Very cool! I especially like the way you coordinated the bird color with your bedroom curtains! LOL