Monday, January 12, 2009

Home School Lessons

Oldest lost another tooth-- this makes 5 baby teeth gone so far. 5 baby teeth closer to her adult set of teeth. It had been loose for some time, so it was a good time to learn more about our teeth and the care of them.

Check out this experiment:

Submerge an egg in a jar filled with vinegar-- I used white vinegar.

A few hours later: The egg is completely covered in bubbles and parts of the shell are starting to flake off.

The next day: the shell has gone soft and feels slimy and rubbery.

Pop! It took some effort to pop the shell with a knife. There's the softened egg shell draped over the end of the knife.

The experiment likens the vinegar to plaque on teeth and shows what happens if you don't brush your teeth: the plaque will eat through the enamel on your teeth much like the vinegar ate through the hard shell of the egg.

A home schooling mama-friend of mine sent this link to me about teeth and the egg experiment you can do at home.

Try it with your kids!


barefoot gardener said...


I bet the kids liked it, though. Good tool to teach them the importance of brushing...

jenny said...

Barefoot-- it was an interesting experiment. The kids couldn't gt past the smell of vinegar and kept going "ew! Stinky!" lol

They definetely brush their teeth more often, though, so something sunk in! :o)