Sunday, January 18, 2009


My middle child turned 5 yesterday. Middle. She's my second girl, and between two sisters, so Middle is her name here. 5. Seems like yesterday I held her in my arms.

She came out ready to go, didn't waste any time staying inside of belly for a second longer. She still is ready to go, always doing something, dancing, singing, my little movie star.

Middle is 3 here, all her baby pictures are on film and I haven't had the chance to scan any yet. She is also my boo-boo baby-- getting many bumps and scrapes, bruises and scratches. I'm forever putting band-aids and giving "mommy make it better" kisses to Middle.

I love her even when she is misbehaving, when she picks on her little sister and then gets scolded for it, hence the tears above.

She declared to me once, "I don't want to be a mommy like you, I want to be a star!"

I believe it, I really do. She sings beautifully and I have been asked if she takes singing lessons. She carries a tune very well, I've been told, and she sings all the time, while playing with her toys, while looking at books, while just lying there daydreaming.

She asks me to take pictures of her and half of the pictures come out with the cheesiest grin ever! The kind where her eyes are nearly closed and her smile is nothing but teeth.

She is also detailed when she tells a story and reminds me of her papa when we first met and he would include details about every person in the tale which usually meant it took 15 minutes to share a 5-minute tale. Yes, that's what Middle does now and I have to force myself to be still and listen to her rambling story and sometimes encourage her to condense it a bit, but to no avail.

When I asked her if she wanted a round layered cake like I made for Youngest last week, she said no, it wasn't big enough and she wanted to make sure that everyone got a piece of cake, so she wanted me to make it in a larger pan.

Happy Birthday my dear sweet Middle. May you have many many more!


Lantana said...

What a perfectly precious little girl! That chin! Does she have a "heart shaped" face? She will be able to wear any hairstyle she chooses!



wakeupandsmellthecoffee said...

What a gorgeous girl! And that smile! So happy, so confident. Well done, Jenny.

Sparx said...

oh, what a sweetie - happy belated!