Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Won't Be Long Now!

The first signs of Spring!!

The temperature warmed up to the high 50's today, and we all spent some much needed outdoor time today. Hubby worked on the chain saw, and I walked back and forth across the yard, dragging fallen branches to one big pile. Youngest followed and helped me with little twigs of her own, while Oldest and Middle climbed trees and explored among the azalea forest. I say 'azalea forest' because that's what it is-- a forest. The previous owners planted over 100 azaleas in the front yard and it makes for a beautiful display in the spring when they bloom. BUT! In the last few years before we bought the house, they were getting older and unable to care for the lawn the way it needed to be, and then the husband got a lung transplant and the wife spent all her time caring for him. So meanwhile, the azaleas grew and grew, with no discipline or training.

Now, we have wild and crazy azaleas and we are working hard to beat back the crazy escapees (did you know they have very long root systems and baby azalea bushes pop up more than 20 feet away?) and trim back the mature bushes without killing them.

This was taken last Spring in front of one of the bushes and I plan to take one every year with the kids in a similar pose, sort of to make a traditional photo and to keep a yearly Spring photo of their growth. (They are holding cupcakes in their hands, because I was taking some photos to use for a birthday invite)

Hope the signs of Spring are showing for all of you and Old Man Winter is losing his grip where you are!


Deaf Pixie said...

So cutie three children you have a blessing.. Lovely flower bush background. My aunt always put me stand poise back of flower or want me to smell flower.. They will love to take a picture of me.

I feel the way you treat well with children .. Lovely picture.

Deaf Pixie

DJ Kirkby said...

Hey Jenny, love the new blog header! The girls sure are growing up. I think you got a boy on board this time but I am sure you will let us all know when the time comes. We've spring here and at the moment we also have hurricane type gales blowing.

barefoot gardener said...

Cute kitty, and beautiful children!

I LOVE azaleas, but am unsure if they would grow very well here. It is just too cold in the winter. The few I have seen around here are puny little things that look so miserable. I have been looking for a super-cold hardy type, cuz when I get my own place I definitely want some. Even if I have to put in extra effort to help them through the winter.

Sparx said...

Hey gal, long time no visit... me v bad. Great pic, really love it and looking forward to this years' version. Hope you're well, will read and catch up now.

jenny said...

Deaf Pixie-- Thank you!! :o)

Dj-- That's Reddy the cat-- such a great picture of him and I couldn't resist using it! Hope none of those winds do any damage to your home! Is that normal for where you are?

Barefoot--Thank you!!
I don't like azaleas, I think I am allergic to them because when I touch them I break out into a rash. I did some research and turns out some people are sensitive to azaleas. I try not to touch them unless I have long sleeves and pants on, and stay away from them otherwise. But they ARE pretty to look at. Can you check and see if they grow that far north? I don't see why not.

Sparx-- hey! Wondered where you are! Does that mean you have a new post up yet? Keep checking but nothing new posted yet. As soon as those azaleas are in full bloom, there will be an updated pix! :o)