Wednesday, March 26, 2008

When Grandma and Grandaddy Come to Visit...

...they always bring donuts. Lots of 'em!

They have been bringing donuts for quite awhile now, because they get here so early, there is no time for me to make breakfast for the kids. Yum! Donuts are good! If they come bearing donuts, early morning visits are good, too!

My Mother in Law had another surprise for me...

This lovely Pyrex bowl. Look at the shine on that baby! They got it as a wedding present 45 years ago and it got put away and used only occasionally. She remembered that I like vintage Pyrex and we talked once about how it was nice to get family heirlooms to remember them by. It has been passed on to me and I can't wait to clear off a space in the hutch and display it. I love it!

They also came with little Easter bags for the girls and then after catching up and eating donuts and playing with the Grandchildren, it was back on the road to home. They come early and leave early. Sometimes their visits are not long enough, but it is frequent enough to satisfy just a little bit.

Work at the store is going smoothly. Clothes are getting tagged, shoes are sorted and organized, books and movies are categorized and alphabetized, and last night when I left, the baby toys were all sorted and set out on tables. Taking a day off today and will return Thursday to finish the rest of the toys.

Spring is here and the temperature is hitting the mid-60's! My lilies are coming up and the Forsythia is budding and the girls are outside playing. How nice to not need the wood stove and to shed our coats-- for today at least. Hope you all are enjoying warmer days where you are!


Karen said...

That's a pretty Pyrex bowl! My mom has some old ones too and they're still being used.

Enjoy the donuts!

wakeupandsmellthecoffee said...

Happy Easter, Jenny. Your previous post brought tears to my eyes. Then I saw the photo of the Krispy Kremes, my all-time favorite donuts. I hope your days are always warm.