Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Day Off

Staying home today from work and it sure feels good not to be running up and down the roads for a day. The space for the store is huge and with all the walking I'm doing, I'm pretty sure I'll lose a pound or two! By the end of the day, my poor feet are killing me and when we get home, I plop on the couch and just melt into the cushions! The first night home from work, Hubby and I both fell asleep on the couch and woke at 2 am to drag ourselves to the bed.

People are trickling in with their items for us to put away and display and I just know that there will be lots of last-minute procrastinators rushing in on Saturday, the last day we accept items. Not looking forward to the hectic-ness of that day, but we will be gone in the morning to our nephews' 7th and 5th birthday party and then go to work in the late afternoon. We will be jumping into the fire for sure!

On Tuesday, we talked and thought it would be nice for Hubby to take the older two girls to the movie theater. They've never been to one before and we thought they would enjoy the time spent with Daddy and the thrill of seeing 'Horton Hears a Who' on a huge screen with popcorn and everything. Work was a little slow so off they went to the movies.


WHY do movies cost so much?!?!? They went during the matinee times which is supposed to be cheaper ticket costs. The total ticket cost was $22.50 for a 5 year old, a 4 year old and 1 adult. Then 3 drinks and 3 popcorn totaled $32.50!! Do you realize that going to the movies cost us $55?!?!? Had we known it was going to cost that much, we would have never decided to go and wait for the damn video instead! Don't movie theaters make enough money as it is? Is it really necessary to take out a loan to get popcorn and drink at the movie theaters? When Hubby ordered the drinks, they did not have any sample size cups out so he had no idea that 1 small drink would have quenched the thirst of an entire African village. The poor girls had to drink bucket-sized sodas and eat suitcase-sized popcorn. At those prices, I asked Hubby if he made sure they ate every kernel and drank every last drop?!

My dear, darling husband has not been to the movies since we started seeing each other. Because I am deaf, I don't go and the last movie I saw at the theater was Splash. I have encouraged Hubby to go the movies if he wanted to, but he has been content to wait until it comes out on DVD and then we can both watch it together on the captioned TV in the comfort of our home with the ability to pause if one of us needs a bathroom break. So on that note, Hubby has not stepped foot inside a movie theater for more than 11 years. We had no idea that prices sky-rocketed for ticket costs and snacks.

Ok, venting over.

I'll return to work tomorrow and will be back Sunday to write another post. Until then, Happy Spring!!


barefoot gardener said...

It is outrageous how much theatre movies cost. We aren't quite that bad here in MN, but it is pretty expensive.

Mr. Barefoot loves movies, but we only go once or twice a year because of the cost. I just can't see spending that much on two hours of entertainment.

Still, I am sure the girls absolutely loved the novel experience and will remember it fondly for a long time.

Sparx said...

Holy cow! OK, London is supposedly one of the most expensive cities in the world... but a matinee at my local cinema is about £4 a ticket... for three that's £12 plus popcorn and drinks for thre would be probably another £12 so... ok, well that's nearly $50. Wow.

Hope you're not knackering yourself out working hon, take it easy as much as you can x

darth sardonic said...

movies are ridiculously expensive, and they won't let you bar-b-q. this is why i love dvds. btw, i tagged you for this 6-word memoirs thing, deets at my blog.