Sunday, March 2, 2008

A Place For Everything!

Since we moved here nearly 3 years ago, the majority of our boxes are unpacked. There are still maybe 20 boxes that have been opened, but not unpacked because there is no where to put them. Those boxes are full of crafty items. My sewing machine got unpacked because it gets used fairly often, but I've had to put a lot of other crafts on hold. I had plans for a craft room, but then the budget happened and we had to watch our spending and buying stuff for a craft room just didn't take priority. So when I wanted to make something, I had to dig through a box and figure out where everything was, then when the project was finished, I had to either put them back in the box or find a place for the materials.

There was a very good sale on storage cabinets and we used just a little bitty part of our tax refund to buy some cabinets. I am SO excited at the prospect of finally finding a home for all the crafting materials and not putting projects off because it was too much hassle to pull out of the boxes.

We bought 3 cabinets, and 2 are put together so far. They're pressed wood, which is not my first choice, but I priced the real wood stuff and that was wayyyyy out of our price bracket. It's either spend $40 on a pressed wood cabinet or let my crafting stuff languish in boxes for who knows how long!

Tomorrow, I go and get my Mom and bring her up for 5 days! I am going to keep her busy with the kids, so I can get busy and unpack my craft boxes! Yay! I'll take a picture of the finished cabinets after I've unloaded everything into them! I can hardly contain my excitement! I probably won't be posting much while Mom is here, so have a good week!


barefoot gardener said...

I am so happy to hear your crafting stuff will finally have a home. I think every crafter dreams of having a space all their very own, and I am so glad you are getting yours!

I can't wait to see pics!

DJ Kirkby said...

Have a great week and enjoy unpacking your boxes, how wonderful to have a place to put your lovely craft making stuff.

Sparx said...

Hey gorgeous one, glad your Mum's coming out, it's good to be able to spend time with one's Mum, hey? Mine's coming out for 3 weeks in May and I can't wait.

Glad the ebay sales are going well and loved the pics of the girls drawing - oh to have Charlie at the stage where he is happy for that long!

I am quite envious of your crafting shelves, all my sewing stuff is in boxes in our cellar and getting it out to use it is such a hassle - I too long for proper, handy storage.

Are you blooming yet?!

D-HOR said...

Can I say that I love you for not unpacking for so long? I've got a couple of boxes that have went through 3 moves - and have never been unpacked - and I don't even have KIDS!!

So yes, I love you again. :P

And hey - How fun is it to go through that stuff after so long! Neat right?

Barbara said...

I hope you've had a good week with your mum and with unpacking those craft supplies.
Just this very weekend we've bought some cheap shelves from ikea and I plan to re-jig my craft stuff too. I'm every bit as excited as you sound!
Good storage should make life a bit easier.